A Lakeside Engagement Session | Mike & Savannah

Bride and groom to be stand together on sidewalk with lake in background by Orlando engagement photographer

Welcome to Mike and Savannah’s lakeside engagement session! If you’re a regular on my blog, you might be thinking, “hey, this couple looks kind of familiar”, and you’d be right!

Lakeside Pathway

That’s because last summer I had the amazing privilege of capturing the moment when Mike asked Savannah to marry him! I still can’t believe that amazing evening! I blogged all the moments here!

Last year, Savannah’s mom had suggested that Mike reach out to me to see if I’d photograph their proposal! I was so excited that just a few months later when they had their wedding date and venue set, they reached back out to book me for their wedding for 2023!

Lakeside Engagement Portraits

All my wedding packages come with an engagement session, so while I had already done some photos for Mike and Savannah last year, they opted to do a second, less formal lakeside engagement session with me this summer!

Last year, these two were really dressed up for their session! After all, Savannah thought that Mike was taking her out to dinner!

One thing they both really loved about Emerson Park in Auburn, NY was the lake and the architecture!

I love these solo portraits of just Savannah!

This fountain with the flowers was another of Savannah’s favorite aspects of Emerson Park!

Puppy Portraits

Another thing that has changed between this summer and last is that Mike and Savannah got a puppy! Now Koda may not look like a puppy in these pictures, but he’s truly only a handful of months old!

I love what his bandana says!

I didn’t know that German Shepherds can be long haired but apparently they can!

The fun these two have together… I can’t get over it!

The Bridge

Towards the close of their lakeside engagement session, we ended up at the edge of Emerson Park on this cool bridge!

The bridge was also a great spot for some solo portraits of Mike!

And then I saw it… the wheat field that I have been driving by all summer long and DYING to shoot in! I asked Mike and Savannah if they minded if we ran across the road to shoot in it and they willingly agreed! AH! Shooting in wheat fields is one of my FAVORITE things!!!!

I also loved both of the tops that Savannah wore for their lakeside engagement session… all white and lacey!

I loved the opportunity to get these two back in front of the camera again! Before you know it, it’ll be September of 2023 and Mike and Savannah will be on the blog again! So looking forward to celebrating once again with their friends and family!

If you’d like to see more of my engagement work, find it here or check out our weddings here! I’d also love to hear from you if you have any questions or just want to say hi!

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