Inlet NY Family Pictures

Grandma, Grandpa and their grandkids for extended inlet ny family pictures

Welcome to Scott and Donna’s extended Inlet, NY family pictures blog post! What better time to get extended family pictures done than when everyone is on vacation together?!

The Whole Family

I think this is my favorite photo of the WHOLE family together, right in front of Fourth Lake and mountains in the Adirondacks in Inlet, NY!

Here are Scott and Donna and their grandkids!

Kids are so fun! We started their session with this large group shot of everyone together! And while the kids were all corralled, I came in close for a few individual photos of their sweet faces!

I seriously love this one of Scott and Donna, the couple who began this whole family!

Katie & Adam’s Family

Oh my gosh, when I asked Katie and Adam to kiss, I LOVE their older son’s reaction! He ended up adding his own kiss to the mix!

The fun thing about extended family sessions is that each smaller family unit essentially gets their own “mini session”! Basically we go with whichever family is happiest at the moment!

Boys and their mom! Such a sweet relationship.

Colleen & Leonard’s Family

Sometimes when you’re doing photos of kids, the first two or three photos turn out the best… just because that’s how long you’ll get those kiddos to look at you for!

I have definitely been known to be pretty silly, even make a fool of myself to get the kiddos to look at me for a photo! I tell Andrew my husband on a wedding day, “you may video me while working with a bride and groom so I can post it on Social Media but you may NOT get videos of me photographing kids!” LOL! I’m ridiculous!

I love this brother/sister hug!

And when all else fails, break out the lollipops! No judgement here! I bribe my kids all the time to do photos for me!

Lauren & Jake’s Family

For this session, we had two 4 year olds, two 2 year olds and then this sweet little girl that is 4 months old! How adorable is she?!

Can you get over this smile that she’s giving us?! (or rather the grandparent behind me making her smile!)

We did these extended Inlet NY family pictures at Arrowhead Park right in the town of Inlet in the Adirondack mountains! I love to shoot at this park because there’s always great backgrounds to get no matter where the sun is! Whether it’s the pine trees, the mountains, the lake, the beach, the waterway or the docks, it’s always a great spot to shoot!

Not only were Lauren’s parents there for the session but so was Jake’s mom!

So sweet! Mother and son!

That little tongue!

I loved how these two yellow outfits matched!

Then both grandmas got a piece of the action!

Such a cutie!

And here’s the sweet couple that started it all!

Scott, Donna and their daughters

This was such a sweet moment that happened when they all were looking at each other, perhaps counting their blessings…

The sisters!

And there you have it! The whole family together, each individual family and then some fun combinations of family members! I think next time I go on vacation with MY family, I may just hire a photographer to do photos for us all!

Thanks so much for stopping by to enjoy Scott and Donna’s extended Inlet NY family pictures! If you’d like to see more of my family work, find it here or shoot me an email here!

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