how will your stories be remembered?

Hey friend, I'm Hannah!  storytelling photographer, fun loving, hopeless romantic.

Life is a beautiful thing, relationships with our loved ones are precious, only we all know that moments are fleeting.  Whether you're planning a wedding, for a birth, a family vacation or a high school graduation, how will these stories of your life be remembered? I believe in photos with sweet warmth, soft color, and genuine emotion. Allow me to be your guide.
 With 8+ years of experience and over 135 weddings photographed, I've learned a lot of things to help make your photography experience the best it can be! 

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 I will be with you more time that day than anyone else you hire! At the outset of our business, Andrew and I committed to forming friendships with our couples and intentionally caring to get to know them. Having a heart for genuine friendships and relationships with people is a huge part of our purpose in life. Friendship also makes a huge impact on your experience on the wedding day!  Imagine the relief you'll feel as you're getting ready the morning of your wedding and seeing a friend walk through the door with a camera, not just a random hired vendor.  Friendship breeds comfortability and comfortability leads to trust and trust is something that every couple needs to have for their peace of mind!  Come on over and meet Andrew and I (aka Team Hawkins!) and our little family!

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