Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always loved photography... the kind that takes your breath away with its warmth, its emotion, its color. That’s why one of my greatest joys in life is capturing the beauty and expression of life in a timeless photo. When you book me, I will not only bring enthusiasm to capture memories of your wedding, but I will also bring an eye for detail (you know, the details you spent endless hours on to make your wedding just perfect.) As kids, we often were asked what we wanted to be when we grew up followed by, “Find a job that you just love to do and you won’t work a day in your life”.  I love building friendships with our Team Hawkins couples so that when we show up on your wedding day, we feel more like friends than just another wedding vendor.  I've got you covered, even if I need to show up to shoot your wedding three days after giving birth (no joke, we did a wedding literally three days after our Kiwi was born and then a second wedding six days later. She came with us! Photos below to prove it!)

I mean it when I say that is why I do what I do... because I love building friendships with people and photography is my passion.

Photography... the kind that takes your breath away with its warmth, its emotion, its color

You met me on the home page, I assume, and know that I am Hannah... the H in "H Hawkins"!  At different points of the wedding day, I tend to get super excited about the photos I'm taking, to the point of spontaneously breaking out into a happy dance. I shoot with my heart... that's why I'm a wedding photographer. You may also catch me tearing up during the Mother Son dance, especially if Andrew (the other half of Team Hawkins) is there whispering in my ear, "that'll be you someday dancing with your little boys!" He usually gets a playful shove for that comment.  

My very favorite people in all the world live in the same house as I do and I honestly am excited to see Andrew and my kiddos every morning! My simple pleasures include open windows, dark roast coffee, the beach, and long runs in the country.

The other half of this team, both in life and business is my amazing husband Andrew!  Not only is Andrew a great photographer on his own, but he also brings a different eye and perspective to the table than I do. As I generally do more of the up front shooting and engaging with you during the wedding or session, Andrew often times is able to step back and use our surroundings to frame and shoot the most creative photos, catching the most candid of moments. One bridal party jokingly dubbed him The Photo Ninja because most times they didn't even notice he was capturing their fun!  

Originally from the Philadelphia area, Andrew is an avid Philly Flyers fan, loves to experiment while cooking, relax by playing a fantasy game on the PS4 or create something awesome with his woodworking skills! Hands down, our favorite thing to do is hang out with our three little boys and girl. Having four kids 6 and under, we jumped into this parenting thing with both feet but are LOVING every day with them! When we're not chasing our munchkins around or shooting weddings together, we love traveling and hiking, exploring new areas, or watching all the Marvel superhero movies in order!

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Check out our Behind the Scenes highlight reel on Instagram to REALLY see us in action!

amanda S.

"Hannah and Andrew did an amazing job capturing our spring wedding. They are extremely communicative leading up to the wedding, and the energy they brought to our event positively affected everyone who attended. Hannah made so much time for us prior to the wedding to plan out everything perfectly. She was like an informal wedding planner as she really mapped out the whole event with us! And, on top of that invaluable experience, the images they captured are so beautiful and cherished by us and all our loved ones.
If you're looking for a photographer who genuinely cares about not only your wedding day, but the whole hectic process leading up to it, Hannah is your lady. We'll always remember her amazing work and dedication!"

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