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Dad and mom adore newborn baby boy in his green and blue adventure mountain themed nursery

I could not be more honored to share Kerri and Derek’s Syracuse lifestyle newborn pictures with you today! Welcome to this sweet family’s blog!

Meet the Cole family, Derek and Kerri and their newest little addition!

An Honor to Celebrate an Answered Prayer

There are a few reasons why I was so honored to be able to capture these Syracuse lifestyle newborn pictures for Kerri and Derek. Kerri is one of my very dear friends and their journey towards pregnancy and being able to hold this little baby boy in their arms is one that did not come easy.

Her journey is not my story to tell (though if you scroll through her Instagram posts I’m sure you’ll be able to piece it together!) but there were many times when she and I would get together to share our hearts, to talk through things, to cry and pray together. With my history of miscarriage, we could very much identify with one another and were able to walk through some of that together.

And so when she and Derek got pregnant and then welcomed a healthy baby boy into their arms nine months later, I was just SO honored to be able to meet this little one in person. And after praying so hard for him and his parents, to be able to photograph the three of them together just made my heart so full!

An Honor to Photograph for another Photographer, my Mentor

The other reason I was so honored to be able to do a session for Kerri and Derek is because Kerri is not only a photographer herself, but she is one of my mentors! She has taught me a lot through one on one mentoring sessions, shooting with her and even random conversations we’ve had here and there!

One of the things that was so encouraging to me through Kerri and Derek’s journey is their faith and trust in God and His plan. Though it wasn’t an easy road to walk, I never heard Kerri begin to doubt God or His goodness. I still am so thankful that God answered the desire of their hearts for a baby with a “yes!”

Just look at this sweet little man! I say he has his dad’s dark hair and his mom’s lips! Is that funny to say? It looks funnier to me written out than it did in my head! 🙂

I just LOVE the theme they chose for the nursery… all mountains and pine trees and adventures!

Both Kerri and Derek LOVE to be outdoors. They often go hiking or canoeing and I’m pretty sure you can catch Derek on his snowmobile as soon as there’s enough snow on the ground!

Proud dad!

And I know for a fact that you’ll find Kerri chasing the light in her photography and beckoning her couples with, “let’s be adventurers darling!”

As long as it’s nice outside, you’ll find these two out on their deck with their morning cups of coffee or a drink after dinner, watching the sunset.

I just LOVE this one of Kerri and her little man. Newborn snuggles only last a short time! And while living in the newborn season can be EXHAUSTING, it can also be full of sweet moments.

Kerri’s parents came in from out of town right before her little man made his arrival! I was so glad they were able to stay for a few weeks to help out and to love on their new little grandson!

I just loved watching my own parents turn into grandparents and I’m sure Kerri feels the same way!

Kerri and Derek, thank you SO much for giving me the honor of photographing these Syracuse lifestyle newborn pictures for you guys! I hope these pictures will always remind you of the sweet moments you had together as a new family of three. Welcome little man… we are so glad you have arrived! I can’t wait to watch you grow up and have play dates with my kids! I love you guys! And thank you God for blessing Kerri and Derek with a baby of their own!

If you’d like to see more of my family work, you can find it here or shoot me an email here!

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