CNY Waterfall Engagement | Taylor & Ryan

Bride in blue dress and groom in white shirt stand in front of bridge during their CNY waterfall engagement photo session at Chittenango Falls

I’m so glad you’ve joined us for Taylor and Ryan’s CNY waterfall engagement photos blog post at Chittenango Falls! Their session was so full of laughter and fun that I don’t think you’ll be able to help smiling right alongside us as you look through this post!

Lower Chittenango Falls

See what I mean already? I bet you anything you’re already smiling (or laughing) right along with Taylor!

Taylor and Ryan (and their families!) have known each other ever since they were really young. In fact, they have a picture of the two of them standing next to each other in their team’s kickball photos from when they were five years old!

I always think it would be so fun if one of my kids married one of my friend’s kids! We jokingly “set our kids up” with each other and tell people that we’ve already chosen wives for our Little Bear and Monkey! (Totally kidding… Andrew and I aren’t into arranged marriages LOL!)

I LOVE the photos where Taylor is really laughing!

It seemed so appropriate to shoot their engagement session at a waterfall since they got engaged at Niagara Falls just this past July!

Ryan “sprung” a “last minute trip” on Taylor to Niagara Falls for his birthday. Little did she know, he had been planning the weekend for months! After going to dinner and the casino, Ryan suggested they head back to the falls after dark to see it all lit up. As Taylor took in the view of the falls, Ryan got down on one knee, so when she turned around, she was greeted with an even more epic scene! Even as I type I can picture it all in my head!

Upper Chittenango Falls

On their drive home from Niagara Falls, Ryan had one last suggestion… to have lunch out. As they entered the restaurant, there were both Taylor and Ryan’s family, ready to help them celebrate! I say Ryan did an A++ job on the weekend, don’t you?

These two will be getting married next summer at Old Hickory Farm in Weedsport! Not only are the grounds gorgeous but Old Hickory’s barn has the most natural light I’ve ever seen in a barn (which is great for photos! 😉

The Field

Part way through the session, Taylor and Ryan changed their outfits! I think it adds so much variety to your photos when you can have a dressier outfit and a more casual outfit.

For their CNY waterfall engagement photos, we started at the bottom of Chittenango Falls, then hiked back to the upper part of the falls and stream, and finished out the session in a field! There are so much great places to shoot at Chittenango Falls!

Taylor and Ryan even got to meet my whole little family during their session! The weekend that I shot their photos, I had been away most of the day before in Old Forge shooting, and Andrew knew that I was missing him and the kiddos. Part way through the session, I looked across the parking lot and who did I see barreling toward us but my two boys! It totally made my day.

If I had thought faster, I would have gotten a selfie with my family plus Ryan and Taylor! It’s so fun when two sides of my world collide!

Taylor surprised me by bringing a bottle of champagne to their session. I don’t know why I’ve never suggested this to other couples! I just LOVE the sequence of shots I got as she worked to get the bottle open. That cork flew a good 20 feet into the road when she popped it. So glad a car wasn’t driving by when she did!

Once we tracked down the cork, it made a great “prop” to put her ring on for the detail shot!

I am so glad you stopped by Taylor and Ryan’s CNY waterfall engagement photo blog post! I hope you’re still smiling from the whole thing! I had so much fun with them and can’t wait to continue to get to know them as their wedding date approaches!

If you’d like to see more of my engagement sessions, find them here or jump on over here to see what other couples say about working with Andrew and I!! Say hi to me if you want… I’d love to hear from you!

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