White Springs Manor Engagement Photos | Mike & Sarah

Engaged couple walk together in front of tree with golden light behind them in the front lawn of the White Springs Manor by Belhurst in Geneva NY

Front Lawn of the White Springs Manor in Geneva, NY

Joyful… joyful is the word that comes to mind when I think of Sarah and Mike’s White Springs Manor engagement photos. All you have to do is look at these first few pictures and you’ll see what I mean!

Along with Sarah and Mike, I feel like I need to introduce Sawyer, their adorable little sidekick! When we started their session, I didn’t plan on including Sawyer in the opening photos as we were “warming up”. But this adorable little guy LITERALLY posed himself!!

He would come over, sit right between them in the exact spot that I would have put him if I had called him over, and looked right at the camera. “Hey guys, Sawyer here! I’m ready for my portraits!” Oh my gosh, he was a scream! It’s a good thing he was too big to fit into my camera bag or he might have come home with me!

The light in the front lawn of the White Springs Manor, an inn owned by Belhurst Castle was SPECTACULAR! The sunlight filtered through the leaves on this tree that I dubbed “the glowy tree”!

In fact, I know that we chose the White Springs Manor mainly to do pictures in the vineyards, but I told Mike and Sarah that the light was SO good in front of this glowy tree that we should stay a bit longer in the front yard to capture more great portraits!

Can you just handle how cute Mike and Sarah are together??

I had asked Sarah what the colors of the wedding will be and she mentioned that one of the colors will be a dusty, blush type of pink. Wouldn’t you know that as I came around the corner, I found a hydrangea bush with that exact color flower pedal on it?! Perfect for a ring shot!

Front Door of the White Springs Manor

Next we did some photos in front of the White Springs Manor itself! The landscaping coupled with the autumn looking mums that were in front gave these photos such a nice fall feel!

Sarah and Mike actually both attended Elmira College but wouldn’t reconnect until years later at a Taylor Swift concert!

Last September, Mike told Sarah that they should take a wine tasting trip back to the Fingerlakes area. Little did she know, but Mike was planning a sweet proposal at the Three Brothers Winery surrounded by all of their friends and family. It was there and then that they committed to spending the rest of their lives with each other!

I just love how much fun these two have together!

The Vineyard

Since they had gotten engaged at a winery, they were hoping to do part of their engagement session at a vineyard! Next year they’ll be getting married at Belhurst Castle and so I suggested doing their session at one of Belhurst’s properties that contains a vineyard! I’m always at Belhurst and I knew that Carmen and her staff wouldn’t mind us shooting there (but of course I asked first anyways ;)!

I loved both of Sarah’s outfits for their White Springs Manor engagement photos but I thought this little “boho dress” was especially adorable!


As we finished up their session, the sun was SO golden! It was the cherry on top of an already incredible session with these two!

Sarah and Mike, I had SO much fun with you guys during your session! I am so looking forward to your wedding day next September! In the meantime, let’s hang out again!!

And thank YOU for checking out Sarah and Mike’s White Springs Manor engagement photos blog post! I hope you enjoyed looking through it as much as I enjoyed putting it together! Feel free to check out my other engagement or wedding work or shoot me an email and say hi! I’d love to hear from you!

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