Syracuse Family Photographer | Nate, Jillian & Miss R!

Mom, dad and baby girl in pink dress get their picture taken by Syracuse family photographer in front of the bridge at Upper Onondaga Park in Syracuse NY

Oh my gosh, I am so excited to share this blog with you of our sweet friends Nate, Jillian and their little Miss R!  I’ve come to realize that since having kiddos of my own, I have really fallen in love with being a Syracuse family photographer and capturing sweet memories of a family’s life.  I was just looking back at pictures that I took of my little guy just two months ago and I cannot believe that I can actually see that he’s grown and changed in that short time!  Capturing these moments as they grow is so priceless… especially when you get such a great smile like little Miss R. gave me in the picture below!

Just look at those adorable little cheeks and blue eyes!

Nate actually contacted me and asked if he could book a surprise session as a Mother’s Day gift for Jillian!  I just couldn’t wait for Mother’s Day to arrive so I could talk to Jillian about it and start planning!  So hard keeping secrets from your friends!… even if it is about gifts!  🙂

The last time I was taking pictures of Jillian, this little cute nugget was still in her mommy’s belly at their baby shower!

Nate had mentioned that he loved the “picnic theme” that Andrew and I had done for our own family pictures a few years ago.  So we combined that idea with the weeping willow trees and bridge at Upper Onondaga Park in Syracuse NY for the win!

I love that Jillian brought a handful of headbands for Miss R!

In fact, Jillian and I went back and forth via text and Marco Polo (love that app!) about what outfits they should wear!  I totally love the solid and more neutral colors that they came up with!

Oh my gosh, can you please not be so cute?!  Your adorable playing is almost more than I can handle!

The best dads are the ones who aren’t afraid to be goofy in order to make their little ones laugh.

What you can’t tell from these pictures is that it was 90 degrees out and probably just about 90% humidity too. In between shots we stepped back into the shade and took a break.  Jillian even told me that Miss R. doesn’t like the heat but she took it like a champ!

Pictures of just mommy and me!

There’s nothing like baby snuggles… they’re just the BEST!

These two… 😀 😀 😀

I love that Jillian brought a second outfit for Miss R!  It contrasted so well with her little snack which was…

… watermelon!!!

She had done well her whole session but towards the end she started to get a little fussy.  That’s when I said, “its watermelon time!  Let’s switch it up and give her a snack!”

The funny thing is that she isn’t eating solids yet so mom and dad were watching her really closely while I took these photos to make sure she didn’t swallow any pieces!

I feel like she’s saying, “Oh hello there watermelon!… Let’s be best friends!”  Hahahaha!

Miss R’s face… “Thanks for letting me taste your melon mom.  Does yours taste different dad?  Dad??  Come one DAD! Oh thanks for taste dad”.

Those eyes!

I was so honored to be able to capture this sweet evening for my friends!  Their love for each other is so evident!

Thanks for checking out Nate and Jillian’s blog post!  If you’re looking for a Syracuse family photographer, I’d totally love to hear from you here!  And if you’d like to meet my OWN family, check us out on my Instagram highlight to see what kind of shenanigans we get into!

Feel free to share this blog post around but please do not copy pictures or crop watermark out.


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