Summer Family Pictures | Josh, Callie & Miss M

Little girl looks at camera while mom tries to kiss her and dad watches

Field of Wildflowers

Summer is the BEST time for family pictures… but I’m probably biased because summer is my favorite season, followed closely by autumn!  But I feel like the setting for Josh and Callie’s family session was the epitome of what summer family pictures are in my mind!

Toddler with curly hair smiles for camera while mom and dad stand in the background holding hands

If you don’t remember Josh and Callie from their wedding blog back in 2017, let me reintroduce them to you!… along with their newest addition, Little Miss M!  Can you handle the cuteness of her blonde curly hair?!

Mom and dad kiss while toddler watches them during their summer family pictures in Syracuse NY

Mom dad and little girl smile for the camera sitting on the ground in a summer field of flowers for family pictures

Anyone who has had a toddler knows that they don’t sit still for long but I was so impressed that we got Little Miss M to sit for a second AND look at the camera!  What a sweet little one she is!

Mom dad and little girl smile for the camera sitting on the ground in a summer field of flowers for family pictures

Kisses from mommy are the best!

Little girl looks a the camera while mom and dad smile at her for summer family picture session

Oh my gosh… I think it was Josh’s idea to play the “where’s Miss M.” game!  He’d ask where she was and she’d hide her face and when she took her hands away from her face, Josh would exclaim, “there she is!”  As you can see, she LOVED the game!

Mom, dad and little girl sit in a field of flowers for their summer family pictures

I loved capturing the love between Callie and Miss M!

Flying through the air with daddy…

Daddy flies his little girl in the air as mom laughs and looks on during their family pictures in a summer field of flowers

And giving him wet but precious kisses. 🙂

Toddler girl gives her daddy a kiss on the cheek as they stand in a summer field of flowers for their family pictures

There always comes a point in a family session when the little ones need a break.  That’s when I make sure to focus some time on the parents!  After all, it was Callie and Josh that created the core of this family!

Husband and wife walk hand in hand through a summer field in Camillus NY during their family picture session

The Barn

I love how when you call a toddler, they either run the opposite direction or straight past you!  Thankfully little Miss M. ran the right direction, even if it was past mom!

Little girl walks towards her mom and dad in a field in front of a red barn in Camillus NY during family pictures

Little girl points at something as she walks through a summer field during her family pictures session

I think this is my favorite photo from this whole session… I can’t tell who’s having more fun, Miss M, Josh or Callie! I also hoped that you enjoyed looking through their blog as much as I did spending the evening with this sweet family!  If you’d like to see more summer family pictures, check them out here!  Or if you’re interested in your own family session (or senior, engagement or wedding!) I’d love to hear from you here!

Mom and dad swing toddler between them in a summer field of flowers for their family pictures

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