Franklin Square Park, Syracuse NY Engagement Pictures | Brian & Amanda

Bride and groom stand behind fountain at Franklin Square Park for their engagement pictures

Franklin Square Park, Syracuse NY

I met Amanda and Brian on a quiet, sunlit evening at Franklin Square Park in Syracuse NY for their engagement pictures.  We had originally met via Facetime to chat about their wedding where they told me all about their plans for a romantic forest wedding.  I was all in once they told me that!  I probably sound like a broken record at this point but truly one of my favorite parts of the evening was getting to know Amanda and Brian better, finding out what they do for work, how they met, how Brian proposed and all sorts of fun things like that!

Engaged couple walk hand in hand beside a black wrought iron fence along a brick walkway and underneath some trees at Franklin square park in syracuse NY

And I mean, if you can’t see already how much these two enjoy being together and laughing together then just take a look at the pictures below.  The expression on Amanda’s face on the right is adorable!

Groom holds bride around the waist as they sit on the side of a curb with vines and ivy growing behind them at Franklin Square Park in Syracuse NY

Brian and Amanda wanted more of an urban feel to their engagement pictures and so we chose Franklin Square Park in Syracuse NY.  I love the challenge of using all sorts of locations at the park and different angles and make sure their gallery has a good amount of variety and interest!

Young man kisses his bride on the top of her head as they walk along a brick building at Franklin Square Park in Syracuse NY

I was actually super impressed when Brian asked me if I was shooting with a “Nifty 50”!  Kudos to him for knowing what lens I was shooting with!  He told me that he’s owned a Nikon camera in the past but now has a Sony and enjoys doing some photography here and there!

Girl in black dress and young man in a grey short walk hand in hand along brick walk way at Franklin Square Park in Syracuse NY

I love this ring!

The hands of a newly engaged couple with her engagement diamond ring on her finger

Ok Amanda, your amazing expressions are almost more than I can handle!  Bring your adorable self to your wedding and BAM, we’ll get amazing pictures! I can’t even wait!

Engaged girl laughs at her fiance as he tickles her as they stand under the pergola at Franklin Square Park in Syracuse NY


Syracuse Creekwalk

After we spent some time doing their engagement pictures at Franklin Square Park in Syracuse, we wandered down to Syracuse’s Creekwalk to see what other cool locations we could find to shoot!  Every time I’m at the Creekwalk, I’m so in love with these stones and the way the vines grow on them.  I knew we had to do a few of their engagement pictures here!

Groom kisses bride on the cheeck as they stand alongside a stone wall at Syracuse's Creekwalk

Annndd… Amanda’s cute shoes!  Had to capture them!

Shoes of Bride and groom during their engagement session at Syracuse's Creekwalk

Those brown eyes!

Bride looks up at camera with chocolate brown eyes as groom kisses her on the cheek during their engagement pictures at Syracues's Creekwalk

These two actually drove all the way from Rochester to Syracuse for their engagement pictures at Franklin Square Park! They mentioned that they wanted to make it easier for me and that it was a nice excuse to come see their family in Syracuse (and to go out on the boat with them!). Seriously guys… you’re awesome.

Amanda mentioned that her colors will be green and some other pretty neutral tones so I wanted to make sure that was reflected in their ring shot!

Diamond engagement ring surrounded by green leaves and green berries found along Syracuse's Creekwalk

I am so looking forward to May of next year when Amanda and Brian will be getting married!  Thank you for such a fun evening guys!

And thank YOU for coming on over to Amanda and Brian’s blog!  Feel free to check out more of my work here or come on over and “meet” me here!

Bride and groom laugh together as they walk along Franklin Square Park's brick office building in Syracuse

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  1. Gail Wentworth says:

    You have done a fabulous job of capturing my beautiful girl in all kinds of joyful expressions as she shows us all how much Brian is the love of her life❤️! Thank you 😊
    Amanda’s mom

    • Hannah Hawkins says:

      Hi Gail! Oh my goodness!… Amanda is such a sweetheart! I LOVED all her expressions! She and Brian are really so good together! I look forward to meeting you on the wedding day!

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