Anyela’s Vineyard Engagement Photos | Barb & Dan


Barb and Dan’s original wish was to get married at Anyela’s Vineyard on the west side of Skaneateles Lake NY but were unable to because of COVID.  They figured that the next best thing to do would be to have their engagement photos taken at Anyela’s Vineyard instead!

The Flower Garden

Bride and groom to be sit on a large stone in front of Anyela's Vineyard building

Ok, so I grew up in Skaneateles NY but I had never been to Anyela’s Vineyard before!  How is that possible?  The first thing I noticed when I arrived early was the flowers and the landscaping!  So gorgeous!

BRide to be looks at camera while groom nuzzles in standing in flower garden at Anyela's Vineyard in Skaneateles NY

By the time Barb and Dan arrived, I was already excited.  Not only was the weather, the light and the location perfect but they came with ever ready smiles and an eagerness to have fun and enjoy themselves!  And that’s exactly what I want for all of my couples… for them to be comfortable and have fun while we do photos!

Bride laughs at groom during their engagement photos at Anyela's Vineyard

The first thing they did when they arrived is grab a few bottles of wine they had bought.  I’m not sure they meant to use them as props for the photos but I thought they were perfect and added so much to the photos!

Bride to be holds bottle of wine from Anyela's Vineyard with her engagement diamond ring showing

I just love the way Barb is looking at Dan in the picture on the left!

Barb mentioned that one of the main flowers in her bouquet for the wedding later this fall is going to be daisies.  I’m SO glad she mentioned it, because I was able to incorporate those right into their engagement photos at Anyela’s Vineyard so perfectly!  The daisies were already there waiting for us like it was meant to be.


I told Dan he did a NICE job with the ring!

Diamond engagement ring on the hand of bride to be with groom's hand underneath

Bride and groom to be smile for the camera in a sunny flower garden at Anyela's Vineyard in Skaneateles NY

The Tuscan Doors

As I scouted around the vineyard I was so glad I decided to wander down the hill behind their buildings because I found these amazing, Tuscan looking doors!  “THAT!”, I said to myself excitedly as I scouted.  “That location in front of the doors is going to happen tonight!”

These two have waaaay too much fun together!

The Vineyard

No engagement photos at Anyela’s would be complete without pictures in the actual vineyard!

The perfect ring shot with daisies to accent closed out their engagement photo session and…

…a sweet kiss on the forehead from Dan.  I am so looking forward to capturing their wedding day in September!  Keep an eye out for their wedding sneak peeks primarily on Instagram or feel free to check out my other wedding and engagement blog posts at the links provided!  And if you have any questions, I’d love to hear from you here!

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