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Launch Day of the Team Hawkins Bride Facebook Group!

Ah!!!  Its launch day for the Team Hawkins Bride Facebookgroup!  This is something  I have dreaming of for years but never quite knew how to set it into motion!  I remember shooting my very first handful of weddings and seeing the other vendors there and thinking that they seemed so impersonal.  They were there to provide a service for that day and then move on to the next wedding.  But to me, shooting weddings has never been about showing up, taking the same canned pictures at every wedding and leaving.  I think about the dear friend that photographed our wedding and how thankful I was that I knew her, was comfortable with her and was so honored that she and her husband could share our wedding with us!

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Getting to Know our Team Hawkins Brides

I’ve realized from the beginning that the better I know you and your fiance, the better equipped I am to capture all the moments of your wedding, both big and small.  I have SO enjoyed keeping up with my brides after their weddings, celebrating new houses, jobs, puppies, babies.  I’ve sat in front of my computer and cried reading about a Team Hawkins Couple Katie and Mark, whose young daughter battled cancer for a handful of years (she’s doing well now!).  I hurt when I hear of a Team Hawkins Couple loosing a grandparent.  Many of our brides have become legitimate friends of ours and I sincerely enjoy running into you at the mall (Antoinette and Josh!), Target (Maggie!) and even Disney World (here’s looking at you Monica!!!)  After their wedding is over, I often think that its such a shame that I won’t have a good reason to intentionally get together with them.  Now I have a reason!!!!


Friends and a Great Resource!

I also have thought that what good friends my brides could be if I could just get them all together in one place!  And for those Team Hawkins Brides who are already married, you can be a great resource to my other brides!  I remember when Kayla was planning her wedding, her reception venue wasn’t really working out very well but she didn’t have any other ideas of where she could hold her wedding. I knew that Katie was getting married at Apple Country Retreat and suggested that venue to Kayla and Brett!  Katie was an AMAZING resource for Kayla sharing details like how many tables she was able to fit in the reception space and other things like that!  By a show of hands, how many of you, when meeting with me for the first time said something like, “We’re not 100% sure what we’re doing here… we’ve never planned a wedding before”.  I think AT LEAST 75% of you had said that to me.  Now you have each other!  Team Hawkins Brides have gotten married in barns, downtown, ballrooms, tents, lodges, and everything in between.  If we got every one of the Team Hawkins Brides together in this group, we’d have over 100 people!


In Person Hangout?!

 And somewhere down the line after I’m caught up with my editing and the holidays are over, I would LOVE to get all my Team Hawkins Brides together IN PERSON to hang out!  I’ll have to work on what that would look like whether its a cookout at our house next summer or coffee somewhere cozy while there’s still snow on the ground.  Maybe you guys have a good idea for that!


Join the Team Hawkins Facebook Group Now!

So if you’re a Team Hawkins Bride, please come join us in the Team Hawkins Bride Facebook group!  It’ll be a private group for my past, present and future brides only so if you that’s you, please request to be part of the group!  I’ll start some ice breaker questions so you can start getting to know each other!  I literally CAN’T WAIT to see you over there!  So go now!  Eeeek!



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