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groom dip kisses his bride to be as she laughs up at him

Welcome to Kerry and Dvan’s Fillmore Glen Autumn Engagement Photos blog post!  Have you ever been to Fillmore Glen?  If you’re one that enjoys hiking like me, you need to go explore that park!  There’s just something about hiking in the fall when there are extra crunchy leaves on the ground and the autumn color seems to surround you.  This is exactly what we had for Kerry and Dvan’s engagement photos at Fillmore Glen even though it threatened to rain through most of it!

Ok so first of all, I was WAY impressed and thankful that Kerry and Dvan agreed to come up to CNY to meet me for their engagement photos.  Both Kerry and Dvan live hours apart from each other in Pennsylvania.  They had told me initially that they weren’t sure they needed an engagement session because they weren’t going to be sending out Save the Dates.  If you’ve followed me for long at all, you know that one of the most important things to me is to connect with my couples, to become comfortable with each other and (hopefully!) become friends!  After sharing my post on why an engagement session is so important (read it here!), they whole heartedly agreed!

Now let me tell you this… Kerry and Dvan were naturals in front of the camera from the first 30 seconds but I could tell they were a bit nervous at the beginning.  As we continued to shoot and I started to show them that they were really good at this they began to loosen up, breath a little easier and have more fun!  This is exactly why an engagement session is SO good!  You don’t want to show up to your wedding nervous about how you’re going to do in front of the camera!  Rather, we get all the jitters out at the first part of the engagement session and end your session (and come into your wedding) knowing that you’re a pro!

So one of my favorite things recently has been reconnecting with people that I grew up with.  While I only met Dvan in August, Kerry is someone I knew growing up my whole life!  I don’t know if she remembers (or will appreciate me sharing this!) but when we were a lot younger, I used to call her Kiwi instead of Kerry.  I just thought that was a really fun, cute nickname.  (Like I said, I have no idea if she’ll actually LIKE that I shared this!)

What I think I love most about reconnecting with friends is to see who they’ve become as an adult.  Did you know that Kerry can swing dance?!  Neither did I!!!  She took a couple of classes in college (something that I would have LOVED to do) and has taught Dvan some moves as well!  As I was shooting, I noticed how graceful they were together and I asked if they’d show me some steps!  I freaking love how these turned out!

Like I said, complete naturals!

I actually reconnected with Kerry (and met Dvan!) at her sister Lindsey’s wedding this summer.  We both happened to be headed to the cake table when she approached me and asked how booked up I was for next year.  Have you ever tried to figure out if someone is engaged by glancing at their ring finger and hope they don’t notice?  Yeah, well, Kerry noticed and she giggled as she excitedly held up her diamond.  I had apparently missed her announcement on Facebook! I gave her a huge hug and said, “I sure hope I’m not already booked on your date!”  Thankfully I wasn’t and after a Skype date and a few emails, I became officially booked May 9th, 2020!

One of Dvan’s only requests for their autumn engagement photos at Fillmore Glen was that we have a waterfall in the photos.  I say that when the Groom requests something specific, we go for it!

At this point in their session it did start to sprinkle a little.  These two were such troopers… because it wasn’t warm out either!  Between photos they’d throw their coats on and off.  We had finished shooting by the falls and had started to walk back towards the bridge when I called out, “Hey guys… don’t hate me but can you take your coats off AGAIN for me as you walk away from the camera?”  Like I said, they were troopers with a good attitude.

One thing I want to start doing more of is shooting a few individual photos of the bride and groom to be during their session. (And now that I’ve officially said it online, I’ll have to follow through because I know that you’ll be watching!)  I loved these of Kerry and Dvan!

These two are getting married next May at White Hollow Acres in Wellsburg, NY so be sure to keep your eyes out for those photos!  In the meantime, I look forward to continuing to connect with Kerry and Dvan in the time leading up to their wedding!

Feel free to share this blog post around but please do not screen shot photos or crop watermark out.


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