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High school senior plays with her hair during session

I love fall and one of things I love doing as a Senior photographer in Syracuse is getting outside with these amazing students and shooting their senior pictures!

I was particularly excited to be able to shoot Sydney’s senior pictures as she and her family are good friends of ours.  Years ago when Andrew and I went on a trip, we had asked Sydney and her family if they’d watch our golden retriever Ronan.  I think Syd taught him how to play soccer while we were gone! Since that time, Sydney has grown into a beautiful young woman and continued to pursue her dream of working with animals!

I just love her eyes in this picture!

The two things that Sydney requested for her senior session is a spot where there were fall leaves and a creek.  As a Senior photographer in Syracuse, I knew of a couple good locations for just that, so we started her session at Baltimore Woods in Marcellus, NY!

As you can see, Sydney totally rocked her senior session!  I’m pretty sure she hit model status five minutes into her shoot.  But what I loved even more is that she was confident enough to let her true personality and love for life shine through.  THAT is my ultimate goal for every photo session I do… for the personalities of those in front of the camera to show through!

Once we had soaked up all that Baltimore Woods had to offer, we headed further into Marcellus to Nine Mile Creek for the second half of her session!

Senior girl sits on a rock on the side of a creek and smiles

As my sessions as a senior photographer in Syracuse, I’m always looking to capture something unique to the person I’m photographing.  From the beginning of her session, Sydney would do this adorable little dance when I took a break from shooting.  Finally I said, “You HAVE to do that dance for the camera!”  These are probably my favorite from her session!

She was even brave enough to put her feet into the freezing creek for some fun splashing pictures!

Her two requests met: Creek – check. Leaves – check!

Thanks for checking out Sydney’s senior pictures blog post!  If you’d like to see more, check out this one!

I had the best time with you last week Sydney and am so glad we could catch up!  I wish you an amazing senior year and lots of great adventures as you look towards life after high school!

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