Wedding at Genesee Grande in Syracuse | Katelyn & Jeremy

Sunshine lights up bride's veil as she and groom enjoy being together

Katelyn and Jeremy had the most perfect, sunlit day for their wedding at the Genesee Grande in downtown Syracuse!  They each got ready at different hotels and I found a great spot to hang Katelyn’s dress from David’s Bridal!

Katelyn’s gorgeous dress had a lace up back. I think its so thoughtful when the mother of the bride or her maid of honor apologize to me for taking so long to lace up the wedding dress but really, this gives me extra time to get pictures of the bride!

I love that Katelyn wore a veil because look how the light just kisses it as it wraps around her shoulders!

Here is Jeremy the groom and Katelyn’s son Marcus getting ready together their hotel!

Andrew met the groom and groomsmen for photos at the church and wanted me to be sure to mention that he thought Jeremy’s beard was fantastic!

And all the groomsmen looking spiffy (as my Grandma used to say) and ready to go!

From where I stand at the front of the church aisle I’m able to shoot the groom’s reaction to seeing his bride coming down the aisle with her father.  To see Jeremy blinking furiously when he spotted Katelyn was the sweetest thing!

Jeremy wasn’t the only one blinking back tears during their ceremony!

Then we headed to Thorden Park for bridal party pictures, right near where their wedding reception was held at the Genesee Grande!  And if you’re following me on Instagram, you saw that earlier last week I took my two little munchkins there to scout out good locations for pictures!

Mom and her boy… my mom’s heart is melting and I couldn’t help but include these!

I wish you could have been there that day to see the way that Jeremy just loves and takes care of Marcus.

Rather surprisingly for the end of September, it was 85 degrees in the sun so it was rather hot… especially for the bridal party and groomsmen.  So as soon as we had finished bridal party photos we sent them back to the air conditioned limo to enjoy some drinks!

Which, by the way, is one of our fun secret tricks that we tell the bridal party… the more attentive you are during pictures the faster you’ll get to cocktail hour!  Works every time!

Despite SU playing in Syracuse that afternoon, we were surprised that we didn’t have to dodge more people at the places in the park that we wanted to shoot at!

I love that when I told Katelyn and Jeremy to look at each other, the first look they gave each other was a funny, grimacing face.  That’s true love right there.  I chuckle as I think, “the picture below, however, blogs better!”


There is a small herb garden at the park that I would have never noticed if I hadn’t gone ahead of time to scout out good locations.  It made for some of my FAVORITE shots of the day!

This one might be my VERY favorite…

But this one below gives the one above some competition!  One of the photos is mine and one is Andrew’s.  To vote on which one should win, jump on over to Instagram and check out My Stories to vote!

Or this one might be my favorite.  Let me know in the comments below which is your favorite!

From there, we headed to their wedding reception at the Genesee Grande and grabbed a few more pictures before Cocktail Hour started.

Here are some of the reception details.  I thought their favors were really unique and cool!

‘Cause I’ve got a feelin’ that tonight’s gonna be a good good night!

Their First Dance as husband and wife…

And as an official family of three.

Katelyn also danced with her father…

and Jeremy danced with his mother.

Outside their wedding reception at the Genesee Grande there were these amazing lanterns making the perfect setting for a night time shot!  Andrew and I wish you both the very best as you begin a new chapter in your relationship!

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  1. Jeremy Barton says:

    Hannah and Andrew were so amazing/caring and have a passion for what they do. From the early stages of sitting down and chatting with her to our engagement pictures, then our wedding pictures everything was set up in an honorable fashion. Both very down to earth people and always there when he needed them or had questions. Will definitely use their services again for future photo ops. If you want a photographer that has passion, charisma, and downright fun then H Hawkins Photography is the one you want!

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