A Tailwater Lodge Wedding

Welcome to Josh and Antoinette’s Tailwater Lodge wedding blog post!  I am so excited to share these pictures with you!  If you’ve never been to Tailwater Lodge up near Pulaski on your way to Watertown, do yourself a favor this fall and head up there.  Nestled right next to the Salmon River, Tailwater Lodge will give you the feeling that you’ve stepped into the Adirondacks.  Both the bride, groom, their family and friends stayed at Tailwater Lodge the night before!

There are weddings when it can be hard to find a good spot to hang the wedding dress… somewhere there is good light, a place where the dress can hang all the way to the floor and be free of any distracting elements that might take away from the photo.  But here at the Tailwater, I immediately found the perfect spot!  I might have had just a little too much fun climbing up on the pillar to hang it! (For the behind the scenes photo of those shenanigans, become my “Instafriend” on Instagram!

Antoinette and all her bridesmaid’s makeup looked AMAZING as only expert Riki Lebied of Syracuse Makeup Artistry can do!

Also my sweet and amazing second shooter for this wedding was Kayla of Frozen in Time Photography by KJ.  The photo on the right is hers!

The bride’s necklace and earrings were her “Something Borrowed” from her mom!

I really loved that Josh wore a white vest and tie!

One really unique thing about Josh’s side of the bridal party is that he included his best guy friend as well as his two sisters!  I know that traditionally the groom has groomsMEN stand on his side but I really loved that Josh wanted his sisters with him that day!

My goodness though was it windy that day!

Groom on his wedding day stands with hands in pockets at Tailwater Lodge's Overlook

Portraits of Josh are by Kayla!

Groom smiles during his portrait session at Tailwater Lodge's Overlook

When a bride and groom write each other letters to be read the morning of their wedding, I think its such a sweet way for them to reflect on their relationship in the past as well as anticipate the new chapter they are about to walk in to.

The beading on Antoinette’s wedding dress was incredible… not to mentioned her stunning blue eyes!

They could not have asked for more perfect weather for their wedding day!  It was partly cloudy and 70!  I also loved that Antoinette’s bouquet contained all of nature’s colors that you’d expect to see in mid September!

All floral arrangements were done by Designs of Elegance out of Pulaski!

If you’ve ever been to a Tailwater Lodge wedding and been to their Overlook ceremony site, then you know that it is AMAZING!

I could tell that Josh was a little nervous as the bridesmaids processed down the aisle but once he saw his bride, he was all smiles!

Did I mentioned that it was windy?  Yes, yes I did.  Lighting the Unity Candle was a bit of a challenge but as you can see below, Antoinette had success!

These two… they couldn’t be sweeter.  Their kiss at the altar began with just that… a kiss, which was followed by a hug so big that Josh lifted her right off her feet, followed by another kiss and a hug.

The bridesmaids and “groomsfolk” as they dubbed Josh’s sisters and friend were way too much fun!

And check out the white birch wood that makes up the railing at the Overlook!  I had to get that in a bridal party photo!

Once we had gotten all the pictures we needed with the bridal party, we sent them off to Cocktail Hour and had some time with just Josh and Antoinette.

When a couple is as in love as Josh and Antoinette are, it was a piece of cake getting sweet, romantic pictures of the two of them!

But make sure you don’t miss doing photos down by the river!

Or in front of the Overlook tent where their ceremony was held!  Josh, who is always willing to help offered to hold Antoinette’s bouquet as they walked together to their reception!

No Tailwater Lodge wedding is complete without a reception at The Barn!

Since autumn is my second favorite season… no, my first favorite… (oh I can’t decide!), I just LOVED their decor and the ADORABLE little hedgehog!

Autumn wedding decorations with pumpkins, leaves, a lantern and a hedgehog

Wedding centerpiece with fall decor made up of a lantern, autumn leaves and candles

Another thing that made Josh and Antoinette’s wedding day really unique is their First Dance.  Not only did the Maid of Honor sing the song they danced to, but the bride and groom worked hard at taking dance classes and learning their choreography.  Josh even told me that they would meet up almost every lunch break to practice it!

Cheers to the new Mr. & Mrs.!

Cakes by Michele created these amazing sweets!

Again… the adorable hedgehogs!

The Shoe Game… such a fun way to engage your guests!

That’s Josh’s “mmmm… now how do I answer this question without getting in trouble” look!

Love the Father Daughter and Mother Son dances!

Then onto the party dancing!  Our amazing DJ for the night was Jose with Black Tie Entertainment!

After the sun had gone down, we headed out back to do some night time photos!

Ok, back to how windy it was that day!  It took me forever to get a sparkler lit but once I did, we were off to the races… literally!  If you don’t know what’s involved in getting this type of picture, the bride and groom have to stand perfectly still for a full 10 seconds while I run around them in circles like a maniac with the sparkler in my hand!  Next time I do this I’ll have to get someone to video it so I can post it to Instagram behind the scenes because its pretty funny!

But truly, Josh and Antoinette could not be more in love and I could not be happier for them as they begin their married life together!  Congratulations to you guys!

Feel free to share this blog post to all your friends and family but please do not copy photos or crop watermark out.





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