Chittenango Falls Engagement Photos

Welcome to Kirstin and Brendan’s Chittenango Falls engagement photos blog post!  These two actually drove all the way from Ohio for the weekend and while they were here in the CNY area we made sure to meet up and do their engagement photos!  Groom whispers into bride's ear while standing on a rock in a stream by Chittenango Falls

We also had amazing weather on our side that day!  Just the perfect amount of sunshine to mach Kirstin’s dress!

Bride snuggles in to groom while he laughs looking towards the camera

Besides driving all the way from Ohio, once they arrived at Chittenango Falls they were willing to hike all the way to the bottom for their engagement photos!  There is a very rustic looking bridge that spans the stream that comes from the falls… perfect for creating “lead lines” and interesting composition in a photo!

Groom nuzzles in to bride while standing on a bridge together at Chittenango Falls

Kirstin and Brendan are SO cute together!  Kirstin loves horseback riding so to propose, Brendan took them on a trail ride where he asked her to marry him!  He gets points for creativity!

Lines of bridge at Chittenango Falls lead to bride and groom during their engagement session

And then let’s talk about this waterfall and stream that runs underneath the bridge.  How epic is Chittenango Falls?!

Chittenango Falls makes a dramatic backdrop for bride and groom on bridge

Two people in love lean forehead to forehead in front of Chittenango Falls for their engagement photos

I just love the way Brendan makes Kirstin laugh.  During our session together, I learned that Brendan is quite the outdoors enthusiast as he explained the difference between different types of trees and birds.   Apparently while I was taking this picture, Brendan was trying to guess what species of bird was flying around.  When I took a break from shooting, he googled it to see if his guess was correct and he was right!  That had me laughing too!

Engagement photo of bride laughing with groom while standing on bridge at Chittenango Falls

Kirstin’s engagement ring!  When I was looking for a place to photograph her ring, I saw these purple wildflowers which made Kirstin really excited because purple is one of their wedding colors!

Diamond Engagement ring laying on a green leaf surrounded by purple flowers

I loved being able to photograph Kirstin and Brendan’s engagement photos at Chittenango Falls.  They will be getting married next June 7, 2020 at Belhurst Castle in Geneva!

If you’d like to see one of my featured weddings from Belhurst (one of my favorite venues to shoot at!) check it out here or send me an email here!

Bride and groom stand on a rock beside the stream of Chittenango Falls during their engagement session

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