Wekiwa Springs Couples Photos | Bryan & Emilie

A girl in a jean skirt and guy in button up shirt stand in front of the blue-green waters on a wooden bridge of Wekiwa Springs State Park for their couples engagement photos by Orlando wedding photographer

Couples Photos at Wekiwa Springs

I am so honored to introduce you to Bryan and Emilie and their Wekiwa Springs couple’s photos blog post!

Emilie and I met in 2016 when my sister married Emilie’s brother! Does that make us sisters-in-law? Google tells me that technically we aren’t, but I can still call her that if I want, right? I remember chatting with Emilie and her sister during the Cocktail Hour time and enjoying it greatly!

Emilie and I reconnected when I did some editing for her and Bryan on their engagement and wedding photos!

Late one Sunday afternoon I got a text from Emilie telling me that both she and Bryan were in town for about a day and a half. She asked if there was any chance I could meet up with them to take some photos.

16 hours later, on Monday morning, we met at Wekiwa Springs State Park for their couples photos session!

Wekiwa Springs State Park in Apopka, FL, is a stunning location for all types of photography, particularly for couple’s photos!

As you can see, we started at the spring itself, using the emerald green water as a backdrop, the bridge of the spring, the lily pads, and the tropical foliage.

Wekiwa Springs Forest Hiking Trail

After spending some time at the spring, we headed upland to a different section of the park. The forest and hiking trails are perfect for Wekiwa Springs couple’s photos.

I love that we could stay in the same vicinity but get a totally different backdrop for Emilie and Bryan’s photos! The longleaf pines here at Wekiwa Springs State Park are so stately!

I loved Emilie’s long curly hair! I love how these next few photos show it off!

All the way from California, these two made time for a photo session during their trip to visit and help family.

I was so honored by Emilie’s words, “It’s been a literal dream to have pictures taken by Hannah!” Knowing that neither she nor Bryan were in love with their wedding photos taken by someone else, I wanted to make sure that they had photos they truly loved!


I think these two are completely adorable together!

I half apologized to them for having more “face-to-face time” and “PDA” than they might have expected. Emilie gave a little laugh and said she didn’t think Bryan minded too much!


Emilie and Bryan, thank you SO much for allowing me the privilege of doing these Wekiwa Springs couple’s photos for you guys! I’m sure you felt like you were going out on a limb by asking if I could fit in a session for you guys last minute. The fact that I didn’t have anything on my calendar for that morning must have been a “God thing”! I’m SO glad that it worked out. I loved connecting with you again in person and meeting Bryan for the first time! Until next time y’all are in Florida!…

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