Washington Oaks Garden Engagement Photos | Bryson & Alyssa

Engaged couple in white dress and shirt stand in front of mammoth mature oak trees at Washington Oaks Gardens State Park during their engagement photo session

The Flower Gardens at Washington Oaks State Park

I am so excited to share Bryson and Alyssa’s Washington Oaks Garden engagement photos blog post! If you’ve never visited Washington Oaks Gardens State Park in Palm Coast, FL, you should really plan to take a day trip there soon!

I connected with Bryson and Alyssa through their wedding venue, Granville Farms, which is just around the corner from where I live!

We immediately “clicked” the first time we met and I was so excited when they told me at the end of that meeting that they’d like me to be their wedding photographer!

Doing their engagement photos at Washington Oaks Gardens State Park was Alyssa and Bryson’s idea!

Washington Oaks had been mentioned to me a handful of times in the weeks leading up to their engagement session. I remember looking it up online and thinking, “Wow, I’d love the chance to photograph there!”

When they asked if I’d travel that far for their engagement session, I happily agreed!


It is so peaceful to stroll through the section of Washington Oaks Gardens State Park that features a rose garden.

Engagement Photos at the Oaks & Palms in the Gardens

Further back into the gardens are their mammoth, mature oak trees. They are just stunning to stand beside.

This part of the gardens with the palm trees was also a beautiful spot for photos!

Bryson and Alyssa were so game to do anything I suggested they try for photos!

They might have had a little too much fun with the “drunk walk” I suggested! They’re the best! I cannot even wait for their wedding in July!




Engagement Photos at the Intracoastal Waterway | Washington Oaks

To the west of Washington Oaks lies the Intracoastal Waterway and the Matanzas River, offering a stunning backdrop for engagement photos, different from just the gardens.

I love Alyssa’s spin! I told them to practice their first dance!


The Beach at Washington Oaks Gardens State Park

And to the eastern side of Washington Oaks Gardens State Park is the beach, ocean…

… and sand dunes! Not all beaches have beautiful dunes and grass to use as a backdrop, but Washington Oaks does!

This has got to be one of my favorite pictures from their Washington Oaks Gardens engagement photos session! Like I said, Alyssa and Bryson were so willing to try anything I suggested. So much fun!

Bryson did an amazing job picking out Alyssa’s diamond engagement ring!



I love this quote by Franz Schubert when he said, “Happy is the man who finds a true friend, and far happier is he who finds that true friend in his wife.”




In about a month, Bryson and Alyssa will be getting married, and we’re thrilled to join them in celebrating and capturing all their wedding memories at Granville Farms! Be sure to jump back over to Instagram to follow me so you don’t miss any of their wedding sneak peeks or their wedding blog post! To see other wedding blogs I’ve done (I actually blog EVERY wedding I photograph!), come on over to the landing page here and click on the blog title to see each wedding’s full post! And if you’d like to chat about your own wedding, engagement or family photos, I’d love to get an email from you here! Thanks for joining me in celebrating Alyssa and Bryson!

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