Emerson Park Engagement Photos | Kristy & Jon

Bride to be in blue floral dress and groom in blue polo have engagement photos taken at Canal at Emerson Park in Auburn NY

Emerson Park, Auburn NY

I’m so excited to share Kristy and Jon’s Emerson Park engagement photos with you today on the blog!

Jon and Kristy met through a mutual friend back in college. They dated long distance for a while and the ironic thing for them is that though Kristy grew up in Rochester and Jon in Syracuse, they “swapped cities” while in college with Kristy attending LeMoyne and Jon attending St. John Fisher!

Don’t you just love Kristy’s dress? Their wedding colors will center on the color blue so wearing this dress for their engagement session was clutch for Kristy!

Speaking of blue, the way I got this ring shot is hilarious! The background is actually the skirt of Kristy’s dress! If you’d like to see a behind the scenes look on how I got this shot, check it out over on Instagram here!

Owasco Lakeside Engagement Photos

These two got engaged last August on the lake in Skaneateles. So when we were talking about a location for their engagement photos, Kristy mentioned that they really wanted a lake and/or water background. Besides the lake, both of them loved the lamp posts, fountain and architecture of Emerson Park for their engagement photos.

They also loved the rocks that line the shore of the lake so we made sure to get a good handful of pictures there! I love this one of Kristy and Jon laughing together!


The final location for their Emerson Park engagement photos was the channel that runs to Owasco Lake. I had been looking for my favorite “magical, glowy light” and I found it here in this spot!!

I love that they bought a really pretty bottle of champagne to pop during their session!

Truly I think that the photos of them moving and interacting together are my favorite!

I love Kristy’s cute shoes! A few weeks ago I shared a tip on my Instagram story about bringing a second pair of comfortable shoes or flip flops to your engagement session for walking… and Kristy totally took my advice to heart! We did a bit of walking from location to location around Emerson Park and each time we moved, Kristy threw on a pair of regular flip flops to walk in! I’m sure her feet thanked her later!

I made sure to get a few portraits of just Kristy and then just Jon!

I love how Jon makes Kristy smile!

I say great job on choosing a ring Jon!

I’m so glad you came by Kristy and Jon’s Emerson Park engagement photos blog post! I hope you got a sweet taste not only of summer sunshine and water but of their love for one another! If you’d like to see more of my engagement or wedding photography, check it out at the links provided! I’d also love to hear from you so shoot me an email here if you’d like!

Kristy and Jon, I am so excited for your wedding next June! In the meantime, happy wedding planning!

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