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Husband and wife with straw sun hat laugh as they walk hand in hand during family pictures session by Cocoa Beach Florida Photographer

Any Cocoa Beach Florida photographer would just be swooning over this adorable family! Welcome to Brian and Kaitlyn’s family pictures blog post!

The Sand Dunes and Beach Grass at Cocoa Beach

I’ve had the privilege of doing family pictures for these dear friends of mine before, but this year they asked me if I’d be willing to come to the beach to do pictures for them!

Kaitlyn grew up vacationing at this beach every year and they’ve continued the tradition by bringing their boys up multiple times a year as well! It holds such special memories for them that I was honored to travel to this spot to do their family pictures for them here!

Besides that, anyone who knows me is aware that the beach is one of my FAVORITE places on earth, especially Cocoa Beach!

I just love this one of Brian and Little Z!

And their newest little addition… Little E!

I remember being at the beach last summer with Kaitlyn and her whispering to me that she was expecting again! And now here we are, a year later… two sweet little boys in their arms! Does it get any better?

I LOVE the laughter and the fun! ALSO… ever wonder where Little Z got his curly hair from?? It’s SO cute!

The Beach Fence

These brothers are going to be the best of buddies!

A mom and her boys… not much more a Cocoa Beach Florida photographer could ask for!

When I arrived to their session, Little E had just been fed, so he was happy and sleepy. Once he was really asleep, we were able to get some adorable ones of him snoozing.

One of my favorite things to do when a baby is napping like this is to get all their little details… the toes, fingers and hands, lips, the creases and rolls.

After all, they’re only this little once!

I promise… one day your little brother will be big enough to play with you. For now, let him sleep.

The Beach and Water

As a Cocoa Beach Florida photographer, I know that when you’re dealing with little kids, you start your family picture session away from the water. While they’re clean and dry, get the portraits that you “need”. Once you’ve got those “staple shots” THEN you can make your way down to the waves. If the kids get wet and sandy, it’s ok!

I love this one of Kaitlyn so much!

I love that Little E just fell asleep in his mom’s arms! Growing is so much work!

I think the best way to get pictures of littles is to have things for the kids to interact with. Whether it’s a pile of twigs or a giant teepee made of driftwood, kids that are happily occupied are golden! I think this is one of my favorites of just Little Z!

And sometimes, Littles just need to be tickled and played with by dad for a good picture!

He woke up long enough to stick his little feet into the water!

Little explorer!

Kaitlyn asked if I thought it was bad that she had bought matching outfits for the boys. I said not at all! I loved the outfits she picked! Whether you get matching outfits for the kids or just color coordinating… both can be really cute!

Toes in the sand for this Cocoa Beach Florida photographer!

Once Little E was asleep and Little Z was occupied exploring, I did a few of just Kaitlyn and Brian. I LOOOOOVE how these turned out!

Truly my very favorite type of pictures to capture is of genuine emotion. Whether it’s laughter, tears, surprise or love… these are my favorites!

The laughter in this one too!

I was happy to do pictures for my dear friends at the beach… a spot that is so special to them! Thanks for giving me the opportunity Kaitlyn and Brian! Love you guys!

Thanks so much for coming by to check out Kaitlyn and Brian’s beach family pictures! If you love the beach and would like a beach session let me know! Whether you live in Central New York or Cocoa Beach Florida, let me know here and we’ll make it happen! Also feel free to check out more of my family work here!

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