Lorenzo Historic Park Engagement Pictures | Eric & Emilie

Bride and groom to be walk in front of snow covered house and pine tree at Lorenzo Historic State Park in Cazenovia NY by Syracuse photographer

Welcome to Eric and Emilie’s Lorenzo Historic Park engagement pictures! Can we just stop there and aknowledge how adorable these two are together??

Delphi Falls

When I sent Emilie the engagement session questionnaire that helps me get an idea of what type of setting and session a couple is looking for, Emilie and Eric indicated that they loved the idea of waterfalls as well as a woodsy/cabin feel for the location! So we actually started their session at Delphi Falls, just outside of Cazenovia NY!

I just love the look of the water tumbling over the ice crusted falls!

We were also able to shoot in front of a few of the buildings on the property at Delphi Falls and I just love how they came out!

I have to say, Emilie and Eric really were troopers for their session as it was CHILLY! Earlier in the week it had been 50 degrees and then we had a snow storm come through. So while the fresh snow made the photos gorgeous, the temperature wasn’t much higher than 15 degrees that morning.

Thankfully the sun helped keep them a bit warm, especially when we moved away from the breeze that always accompanies waterfalls.

These two met during freshman orientation at college. They lived just down the hall from each other but really started talking when they went ran into each other one day while getting ice cream. They quickly became good friends and not long after that, started dating! Just about 6 1/2 years later, they braved the cold together for their Lorenzo Historic Park engagement pictures!

I love the way these two laugh together!

Check out this awesome diamond engagement ring that Eric got Emilie!

Emilie shared that Eric proposed on their five year anniversary! They were going for a walk alongside a lake and he got down on one knee and asked her if she’d marry him!

The sunshine in this photo as it catches the droplets of water and mist as it comes off the falls… easily one of my favorites from Emilie and Eric’s Lorenzo Historic Park engagement pictures!

Lorenzo Historic State Park

Once we had finished at Delphi Falls, we drove just a few minutes down the road to Lorenzo Historic State Park! I just love the look of the buildings on the property along with the fresh snow on the trees and rooftops! It made me think we could have been somewhere in the Alps beside a Swiss chalet!

Emilie and Eric will be getting married this June at Belhurst Castle! In fact, I think out of the 100+ weddings that I’ve shot, Emilie and Eric’s will be the earliest ceremony I’ve ever photographed. We’ll arrive at 7am with the ceremony being at 10 and lunch being served afterwards! We so look forward to celebrating with them in a few months!

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