Delphi Falls Engagement Photos | Adam & Rebecca

Picture of bride and groom to be during their engagement photo session at Delphi Falls in Cazenovia NY by Syracuse wedding photographer

Welcome to Adam and Rebecca’s Delphi Falls engagement photos blog post! This adorable foursome were so much fun to hang out with the afternoon we did their session!

You can just see how much fun they all have together!

Rebecca had picked out her green dress for their Delphi Falls engagement photos and asked what I suggested the girls wear. I mentioned that if she and Adam were going to be dressed up, perhaps the girls should also match in “style”. So Rebecca bought them these adorable white dresses!

But as it seems is true for most little girl’s dresses, they were “scratchy” as the youngest sister exclaimed during their session. I get it, I just love my comfy clothes!

But the pictures of these two sisters playing together are just SO cute!!!

Everyone together!

Here’s Rebecca and her girls! I’m pretty sure Adam was in the background making them laugh! Two thumbs up for Adam!

You can tell that they just adore him!

I just loved Adam’s tie bar from his grandpa with the Hebrew word “Chai” meaning “life”!

Last year, Adam and Rebecca had planned a small ceremony at Delphi Falls for their wedding, but then Covid hit.

Instead, they’re planning a much bigger wedding celebration at Belhurst Castle next year!

But it seemed so fitting to still do their engagement photos at Delphi Falls!

Looking at this picture, these two could be models!

While I was doing some portraits of Adam, Rebecca took the girls down to the waterside. After I had gotten the photos of Adam, I ran down and got a few of the girls playing together. I just love how carefree the girls look in these photos!

I am so honored to be able to capture Adam and Rebecca’s Delphi Falls engagement photos as well as their wedding next year! I hope you’ve enjoyed looking through their photos as well!

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