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Bride and groom laugh together at the foot of Chittenango Falls during their engagement pictures session by syracuse wedding photographer

A warm and sunny welcome to Karissa and Tyler’s Chittenango Falls Engagement pictures blog post! Truly there was no other place to do their engagement pictures than at a waterfall!

Chittenango Falls

The reason I say that a waterfall is truly the only place for their engagement pictures is because Tyler actually proposed to Karissa in front of a waterfall last winter! Mind you, it was a frozen waterfall, but gorgeous nonetheless.

As Tyler tells it, he took Karissa on a whole bunch of “special dates” leading up to the proposal just to “throw her off” so she had no idea when “the question” was coming. And it worked! Every time he planned a trip or date she would wonder, “is this THE day?!” He kept her guessing right up until the very end!

Karissa says that Tyler asked her best friend to come and take pictures with her phone when he popped the question. Her friend had her mask on and a hood pulled all the way up over her face so Karissa didn’t recognize her at all! In the end, Tyler and Karissa’s friend successfully pulled off a surprise engagement with pictures to capture the moment!

The Field

Oh my gosh, could they be any cuter together?!

Not only are the adorable together but I can tell that Tyler really loves Karissa and will be there to support and help her. I observed this in the sweet way that Tyler tried to calm Karissa’s nerves at the beginning of their photo session. He kept making her laugh and telling her she was doing a great job. That right there says so much about their relationship! I was impressed.

And Karissa!… well let me tell you that when they arrived at their photo session and she saw me, she came right over with a bag in her hands! They had made up a gift bag of all their favorite snacks and drinks for Andrew and I, complete with a customized water bottle and coffee mug that have pictures of cameras on them and say “Hawkins”! WHAAAAT?! How cool is that?! So thoughtful of them!

Karissa told me that the colors of their wedding would likely be sage green, some pink and hints of gold. When I saw this wild wheat grass waving in a field near the top of the falls, I knew I wanted to make sure I captured some great photos in that spot!

I just love this one of Karissa!

I am so excited to be able to capture Karissa and Tyler’s wedding for them next July at Chantelle Marie! It’ll be even more fun because I actually know Karissa’s family because I shot her twin sister’s wedding a few years ago! So much fun! I can’t wait for next summer guys!!

Thanks for swinging over to check out Tyler and Karissa’s Chittenango Falls engagement pictures blog post! If you’d like to see more of my engagement sessions or weddings you can find them the links provided or shoot me an email! I’d love to hear from you!

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  1. Karissa Hart says:


    Tyler and I are truly grateful for you. These pictures came out amazing. We truly consider you family as we got to know you over the years. I remember when we first met you at our friends Sarah and Dj Coomber’s wedding. Then a year shortly after that we got to know you even better when you and Andrew were the photographer for my sister and brother-in-law’s wedding. You do amazing work and we truly appreciate you ❤

    • Hannah Hawkins says:

      Oh Karissa, I am SO glad to have gotten to you know over the years as well! And now we get to know Tyler! I am so honored that you chose us to be your photographers as well!

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