Syracuse One Year Old Pictures | A Doljanchi!

one year old Korean boy chooses an item for his dolsang from a tray for his first birthday captured by Syracuse family photographer

I am so excited to share little B’s Syracuse one year old pictures today because they are so unique! When little B’s mom Grace contacted me for his shoot she gave me a quick rundown about how special a little one’s first birthday is in South Korea! She shared that their first birthday is equivalent to a Sweet 16 or a quinceanera! This celebration in Korea is called a Doljanchi or “Dol” for short! For an interesting read about this cultural tradition, check out this link.

One of the main events of a Dol takes place when the parents place a handful of items in front of their little one. Each item represents a different career or life path! Which ever item the little one reaches for will supposedly foretell what kind of work they will do when they’re older! The tray pictured below are only a few of the items that little B had in front of him that represented things like medicine, law, scholar and politics.

His parents set up the tray in front of little B and then we all held our breath as we waited to see which item he would choose! As you can see, he chose this medallion that represents becoming a government official that is “destined to rise to a position of power that will positively influence society” as quoted from this site!

I love the photo on the bottom. Little B seems to be saying, “Look at what I chose mom and dad!”

What I so enjoyed about Little B’s session is that while we got lots of pictures of just him, we also got pictures of the whole family… including daddy!

I love these two pictures of mom, dad and Little B!

Oh my gosh, look at Little B’s smile!!!

Mom knows how to keep Little B happy!… just hand him another item to play with!

And I think every chance you have to get a picture with just your spouse, you should take it! So I made sure to get some of just Grace and Josh too!

I feel like it was just a few months ago that Grace announced her pregnancy and now Little B is already a year old! I was so honored that I was able to capture his special Dol celebration for this sweet family. Thank you so much for swinging by to check out his Syracuse one year old pictures! If you’d like to see more of my family work, you can find it here or shoot me an email here!

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