Climbing Bines Wedding | Nick & Suzy

Portraits of bride and groom together at the Climbing Bines Hop Farm and Brewery for their wedding celebration among the bines

Welcome to Suzy and Nick’s Climbing Bines wedding celebration blog post! If you’ve never taken a drive around the Fingerlakes, or Seneca Lake in particular, to visit the wineries and breweries, you should! It is a gorgeous drive and Climbing Bines brewery is no exception!

I was surprised when Suzy called me one day out of the blue and introduced herself and said she was looking for a wedding photographer. I gave her a few bits of information and right there on the spot she booked with me! Originally they were going to be married at Belhurst Castle but then Covid hit.

So when their original wedding date rolled around last year, they decided to elope in a park not far from their Chicago apartment. In the end, they decided to cancel their Belhurst wedding and instead hold an informal wedding celebration for their friends and family at the Climbing Bines Hop Farm and Brewery!

I hadn’t ever actually been to the Climbing Bines before (not really a beer kind of girl 🙂 but it was so gorgeous there!

I loved Suzy’s cute little white dress and Nick’s navy blue sport coat. So perfect for their celebration!

The bines themselves were such a cool spot to take photos in!

You can even catch a glimpse of Seneca Lake there in the distance if you look closely enough!

Because Suzy and Nick live in Chicago, we had to schedule their engagement session for a time when they were back in town. It was Thanksgiving weekend of 2019 when we ended up shooting their engagement session and it was COLD. Like really cold out! I remember getting back in our cars a few times to warm up during their session! But the day of their Climbing Bines wedding celebration was sunny and 75. So much more comfortable than the day we did their engagement photos!

Haha, I love this one of Nick! Hysterical!

So many awesome places around the Climbing Bines to shoot!

I really enjoyed getting to know Suzy and Nick even more as we did their portrait session before their celebration began. Suzy is a teacher and Nick works in finance. Because I went to school in Chicago for 4 years, I’m relatively familiar with the city. So when Nick told me he works in the loop, I knew exactly what he was talking about!

Their wedding celebration was held in this building right behind Suzy and Nick and it was so adorable!

I also really loved getting a few individual portraits of them! This is my favorite one of Suzy!

I really like these portraits of Nick too but I still think my favorite one of just him is the one a few photos up where he’s being super goofy!

About an hour after their portrait session started, we headed back up to the building where their celebration was about to begin!

Such a cool spot!

I loved all the lights hanging from the ceiling!

Here are the girls that were to be Suzy’s bridesmaids!

And among many other pictures of friends and family, I got Nick’s “groomsmen” for a couple of photos too!

Suzy and Nick told me to grab some dinner before I left to drive the hour and a half home. And to be honest, I wasn’t sure I was going to grab any food because I didn’t want to sit awkwardly at a table by myself. I did end up grabbing a plate of delicious food and don’t you know that one of Nick’s mom’s friends saw me heading outside to sit under a tree and eat. She called me back inside, invited me to sit at her table, and we ended having the loveliest conversation for the next 30 minutes! I was so grateful for her friendliness and for Nick and Suzy’s generosity in inviting me to stay and eat!

I am honored to still be able to capture some memories for Suzy and Nick, even if their original plan changed a few times! You both are amazing and I wish you both the very best in your life together!

Thank you for checking out Nick and Suzy’s Climbing Bines wedding celebration blog post! If you’d like to see more of my wedding work, check it out here or shoot me an email here!

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