Summer Barn Wedding | Logan & Vanessa

Bride and Groom share a laugh as white wedding veil flows out in front of camera at upstate ny barn wedding

The day had finally arrived for Vanessa and Logan’s summer barn wedding celebration! Just as it should be for a summer barn wedding it was mostly sunny and 85… the perfect day for these two! Check out Vanessa’s GORGEOUS sage and silver details! From her diamond engagement ring to the necklace, earrings, bracelet, shoes and invitation, I am just in love with how well these went together!

The Bridal Details

All you need to get into your wedding dress is a few trusty assistants (aka your mom and your Maid of Honor)!

You might be surprised how challenging it is to walk down a gravel slope with exquisite high heels on! Thank you Bee from BPhotogenicPhotography for this photo! More about Bee further down!!

Photo Credit: BPhotogenicPhotography

The First Look

Initially Vanessa and Logan opted not to do a First Look when we originally made their timeline out. But a few months ago she emailed me to say they definitely wanted to do a First Look! I am SO glad they did! It seems like every time I see a bride and groom have this quiet moment to themselves before the ceremony, they are so much less nervous. And the bonus is that we usually get way more portraits of them which was definitely the case for these two!

I just love this sweet exchange… and the way that Logan spun Vanessa to see her whole dress!

The Wolf Oak Acres Barn

Vanessa and Logan got married at Wolf Oak Acres in Oneida NY for their summer barn wedding!… one of our favorite places to shoot!

Ok can we please talk about Vanessa’s veil?! I send all my couple’s a Team Hawkins Wedding Experience Bridal guide that is full of tips for the wedding day as well as for planning their engagement session! There is a spread in the Bridal Guide that talks about veils and how they’re not all equally amazing for pictures. Vanessa took the Bridal Guide into the wedding dress shop, showed her consultant the pictures on that spread and asked for a veil just like it so we could get epic pictures!… like the one below! I am SO thrilled she did that and love how the pictures came out!

I LOVE the landscaping around the Wolf Oak barn with all the flowers and color! But the first thing I consider when I take a portrait is “where is the sun”? If the sun isn’t in the right spot then shooting here in this landscaping (a great location but secondary in importance to where the light is) isn’t a great option. But the sun WAS in the perfect spot for us to shoot here! I was so excited to incorporate so much more color into these photos!

Vanessa in front of the Wolf Oak barn with all that amazing landscape and her VEIL!

The Cabins

Vanessa and Logan also requested that we do photos up at the cabins… one spot that I’ve never taken pictures at before! I think it matched up so well with their love for rustic and woodsy things. Vanessa’s parents have a camp up near Old Forge in the Adirondacks which is where we took their epic engagement photos and that’s how I know they love this style.

The Covered Bridge

Andrew also took portraits of just Logan at the covered bridge! I think this top picture is one of my favorite groom photos he’s ever taken!

The Waterfall

Vanessa and Logan have been together since 2015 when they started dating. They met through a mutual friend after Vanessa had moved to Rochester but they remained just friends for a while. But then in 2015 they started dating and, well, the rest is history!

Logan proposed up on the Moose River on July 4th! The theme of loving everything outdoorsy continues!

I’m loving this woodsy wedding portrait that Andrew captured!

We couldn’t help but grab a few more portraits of just Logan and just Vanessa while we were at the waterfall!

Photo Credit: Bee with BPhotogenicPhotography

The Ceremony

Their wedding ceremony took place at the pond! I just love how blue green the water looked behind them!

So many happy tears!

So picturesque!

I just love that Logan is so attentive to notice a piece of hair flying around Vanessa’s face and tuck it behind her ear!

You may now kiss the bride!

Some couples love the idea of an epic “exit shot” at the end of the wedding day whether its with bubbles, rice or sparklers. But often the couple is staying the night right where the wedding is held and most of the guests are gone by the time the end of the night comes. A GREAT way to get that shot while it’s still daylight and all the guests are still there is to do that exit shot as you come back down the aisle! I LOVE these bubble pictures!

Here is Bee, doing an amazing job at helping Vanessa with the train of her wedding dress! Andrew and I had SO much fun shooting with her! Months ago when I found out that I was pregnant and due just a week before Vanessa and Logan’s wedding I recruited some help! I had never met Bee before but after chatting via FaceTime with her, I knew she’d be an AMAZING help! She not only anticipated where Andrew and I would need help that day but the photos she took for us were also amazing! And total bonus that I felt like I had made an instant friend in her!

The Bridal Party

I so enjoy meeting the friends and family of the bride and groom! This bridal party was so much fun and up for trying anything for us!

Here’s Andrew doing a little dance. Why is he dancing you may ask? I have no idea… it’s just something he does randomly all the time, LOL! He doesn’t take himself too seriously which is one of the things I loved about him when we met!

And while we were still near the pond I made sure to catch a few more portraits of Vanessa and Logan there!

Sneak attack the bride and groom!

Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

Last but not least we made our way down to the creek where the swing is at Wolf Oak Acres! It seems like the perfect spot for pictures at a summer barn wedding!

The Special Dances

The First Dance as husband and wife…

…and the Father Daughter and Mother Son dance! I thought it was SO sweet when Logan’s mom invited Vanessa to join her and Logan part way through the Mother Son dance!

Cake Cutting

The wedding cake and cupcakes are by Patty Izard!

Logan’s best man was definitely entertaining on and off the dance floor!

The Happily Ever After Shot!

I love closing out the wedding day with an epic happily ever after shot, whether it’s a sunset picture or just a cool night time shot! There was some color in the sky when Vanessa and Logan came outside so I made sure to capture that for them! To Vanessa and Logan, Andrew, Bee and I were so honored to be part of your wedding day! Thank you for allowing us into your circles of friendship! I hope you love your summer barn wedding blog post!

And thanks to their friends and family that came by to check out their post! If you’d like to see more of our work you can find it here or shoot me an email if you’d like to get in touch! I’d love to hear from you!

Feel free to share this blog post around but please do not copy images or crop watermark out.

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