Farm Cake Smash Pictures

Two year old boy digs into his farm themed birthday cake for his smash by Syracuse family photographer

Welcome to Reno’s farm cake smash pictures blog post! I am SO excited to share these with you!

Oink! Baaah! Mooo! I’m Two!

I think I’m mostly excited not only because Reno is so adorable but because he and his parents have become friends of ours through the years! Just check out his adorable smile!!!

You see, years ago his parents Erica and Merino booked me as their wedding photographer (check out their sweet wedding blog post here!) So not only did we shoot their engagement session as well as their their wedding but we also did Reno’s one year old dinosaur themed cake smash session! Oh my gosh, to see him as an adorable dinosaur, check out his post here!

This year the theme they chose was a farm cake smash pictures session for little Reno since he loves all things related to the farm and animals. He was especially excited to meet the goats!

I just love his face in this picture! “Uh guys, I am REALLY not loving having to sit in this wagon….

But I guess it’s not so bad if daddy is pulling me in it!”

I should also mention that we were able to shoot all of Reno’s farm cake smash pictures at Critz Farms in Cazenovia, NY! They are SO incredible for allowing people to use their property for photos and so friendly!

One of the keys to getting good pictures of kids is to keep them happy and engaged! Erica and Merino had brought a bunch of farm related toys to keep Reno occupied and I brought along my wagon, a few of my boy’s little John Deere tractors and this blue tractor. New toys are always a novelty and Reno loved that this tractor made noise when you pushed the button!

The Antique Truck

It just so happened that this antique truck was sitting in the parking lot at Critz Farms, so we made sure to use it for a few photos! How perfect is that?!

The Barn, Silo & Tractor at Critz Farms

His little red bandana! Can you stand it?!

The main barn and silo made a perfect backdrop for his farm cake smash pictures session.

With Critz being a working farm, this tractor was actually being worked on in the parking lot and Reno was super curious about it. But don’t you just love the bib overalls his mom put him in??

The Farm Cake Smash Pictures!

And now for the cake smash part of this farm pictures session! This cake is just the CUTEST! Erica got his cake this year (and last year) from Wicked Sweets by Alyssa. She always does such a good job!

Somebody’s excited about his cake!

Two year old boy digs into his farm themed birthday cake for his smash by Syracuse family photographer

Happy 2nd Birthday little Reno! You’re growing up so fast but I’m honored to continue to be able to take pictures of you and see you grow! Erica and Merino, we love you guys!

And if you’re a visitor here on the blog, I’d love to hear from you here!

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