Dinosaur Cake Smash Pictures | Little Reno

One year old cake smash pictures of baby in a dinosaur outfit

The Pathway

Birthdays are a big deal but most especially when you turn one!  Better celebrate as a dinosaur and get cake smash pictures!  But first we made sure to get some pictures of Little Reno in another cute outfit before he got frosting and cake all over himself!

Rawr dinosaur one year old birthday pictures of little boy outside in front of waterfall

I actually met Reno’s parents a few years ago when they booked me as their wedding photographer!  So when Erica asked if I’d do Reno’s one year old pictures, I couldn’t have been more excited!

Oh his adorable little face in this picture!!

Little boy looks up at camera during one year old portrait session by syracuse photographer

I just LOVED that Erica decided on a dinosaur theme for his one year old cake smash pictures!  Not only did she bring a few different dino themed outfits but a few of his stuffed dinosaurs, the wooden dinosaur cutouts and a RAWR sign!

The Waterfall

When Erica and I were discussing the best location for his session, I suggested a place that had a “prehistoric” feel to it. Erica loved the idea of Delphi Falls because not only does it have the waterfall but it also has some ferns, which for some reason I always associate with the prehistoric. 🙂

One year old boy sits at Delphi Falls in Cazenovia NY by Syracuse photographer

One year old in front of delphi falls holding a blue balloon

Syracuse photographer takes pictures of one year old boy at delphi falls

And then Reno’s parents changed him into his one year old dinosaur birthday outfit!  Oh my gosh, it was so adorable!

one year old in dinosaur birthday outfit sitting on a rock

Little boy laughs during his one year old birthday pictures by Syracuse family photographer

The Cake Smash

And then!… it was time for the cake to come out!

One year old dinosaur birthday cake in egg shape

At first he wasn’t quite sure what to think, tentatively reaching for it to find out what it was.

Erica came over after a few minutes and made sure he tasted a bit of frosting.  Once that happened… well… the rest of the pictures say it all!

Baby in dinosaur outfit smashes one year old birthday cake


Little boy eats one year old birthday cake during pictures by syracuse family photographer

“Hey guys, have you TRIED this stuff?!”

Dinosaur cake smash session at Delphi Falls NY

Oh my gosh, then my favorite thing happened…

And he’s SO proud of himself!

One year old boy in his birthday dinosaur outfit stands on his tippy toes and smiles during his cake smash picture session

In case you missed it in the picture above, I didn’t want you to miss the dino tail… I can’t handle the cuteness!

“Oh wow, there is so much frosting on my hands.  Maybe I should wipe them off in the grass.”

One year old boy wipes his frosting hands on the grass during one year old birthday cake smash

One year old dinosaur cake smash pictures by syracuse family photographer

Happy first birthday Little Reno!  You’re the cutest little dinosaur ever!  I can’t wait to see what you look like dressed up like a ring bearer for mommy and daddy’s wedding in October!

So I’d love to know which section of pictures contained your favorites? Was it the pathway, the waterfall or the cake smash??  Leave what you think in the comments below or in the comments on Instagram or Facebook!  Feel free to check out my other work here or shoot me an email here!

Dinosaur birthday cake smash of little boy standing in outfit

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  1. Lauren says:

    These pictures are amazing! I’m hoping to do a shoot similar to this for my daughters 1st birthday soon. Do you have any idea where that dino outfit came from? Its perfect *heart eyes* I love the pic where he’s on his tippy toes so happy!

    • Hannah Hawkins says:

      I’m so glad you love the photos Lauren! This little guy is ADORABLE! His mom bought him the dino outfit. If you’d like to start planning a date for your daughter’s session I can reach out to the mom and ask where she got it! 🙂

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