Golf Course Wedding Pictures | Alex & Christina

Bride and groom share a laugh together for their golf course wedding pictures

Bride Getting Ready

Welcome to Christina and Alex’s golf course wedding pictures blog post! I cannot get over what a gorgeous sunny day they had after last weekend’s cold rain!

I just love how this details picture turned out! Christina asked me if she should spring for some nicer shoes or if she should go with something basic and simple that’d be more comfortable. My answer? If the cute shoes aren’t going to break the bank, get them for the detail shots and portraits and then ditch them later for the more comfortable ones! I’m so glad she did! They matched her purple theme so well!

Wedding rings, shoes, bouquet, necklace, earrings and invitation for golf course wedding pictures

Yes, I’m 35 weeks pregnant and still shooting weddings!

I also love the rose gold jewelry that she picked out!

The rose gold jewelry matched the hint of champagne in her wedding dress!

As I was shooting Nina’s details, Andrew came over to me with two different ties. One was a solid purple color that came with the suit, the other was this paisley tie you see pictured. Alex liked the paisley tie and wanted to wear that one but wasn’t sure if he should just wear the purple tie instead. I said, “why not wear the paisley tie and the solid purple pocket square?!” There certainly was that deep purple in the paisley tie so I think it tied in nicely (pun intended :D)

Groom’s Details

And here is Alex the groom himself!

Oh my gosh, can you just take in the look on Alex’s face as he saw Nina for the first time in her wedding dress?! Absolutely priceless! The tears say it all…

The First Look

These two got married at Greenview Country Club in West Monroe, NY, the perfect spot for golf course wedding pictures!

Portraits of the Bride and Groom

My favorite pictures on the wedding day usually aren’t the “camera aware” kind where the bride and groom are looking right at the camera but I really liked this one! So cute together!

After postponing their wedding at least once, I am SO happy for these two that they were finally able to tie the knot. The joy on Nina’s face says it all!

What are wedding portraits without a good dress spin? I mean, how often do you wear a dress like this? Once? Exactly. 🙂

Bridal Party Portraits

I really loved the array of Bridesmaids, Jr. Bridesmaids and flower girls that Nina had in her party! And when the flower girls aren’t exactly into pictures, ask them to spin like a princess. It works every time!

I don’t even remember what Nina and Alex were laughing about together but the photo below quickly made the top of my favorite list from the wedding!

The groomsmen in this picture… cracks me up!

The Wedding Ceremony

I was so glad that it was such a beautiful day for their wedding because they had the ceremony planned to be held outside! Their ceremony details were so elegant!

I heard from one of the bridesmaids that no one was surprised when Alex cried as Nina walked down the aisle, but that didn’t make it any less sweet!

Exchanging the rings and planting of the Unity Tree!

I now pronounce you Mr. & Mrs.!

The Wedding Reception

Now it’s time to celebrate!

Their First Dance…

And the Mother Son and Father Daughter dance!

The Wedding Cake!

Ok can I just take a second to brag on Andrew for this great “in action” bouquet toss shot?! I love it!

Golden Hour Portraits

There are occasionally weddings that we shoot where the sun sets so late that we aren’t able to get a sunset or night time shot. But honestly, these Golden Hour pictures are SO romantic… all warm and glowy, I think I like them just as much as the night time shots we get!

Congratulations to you Alex and Nina… the newest Mr. & Mrs. of the Team Hawkins Couples! We are so happy for you and were honored to be able to celebrate with you!

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