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Mom, dad son and daughter sit together in front of fall tree at Gillie Lake in Camillus NY

As someone who does Syracuse family photography quite often, I LOVED photographing the Ray family a couple of weeks ago.  Something that I noticed right away is how sweetly affectionate each family member is to each other.  The kids were so willing to hug and show each other love that I thought, “man, these parents are doing something right!”  I can’t wait for you to see all these adorable displays of love!

And you may have thought that I posed this sweet brother and sister.  And yes, I did seat them next to each other and ask the sister if she could hug her brother but do you see how freely and naturally she wrapped her arms around him?  I just can’t get over the cuteness!

Family love!

I literally did not tell this little guy to rest his head on his fist, he totally did that all himself!  Next time I need a model… you’re up little man!

These two couldn’t be siblings could they?!  They look so similar there’s no mistaking it!

Now I know from first hand experience that no sibling friendship is perfect, but you can see how much these two really do love each other!

I call this one “Hug daddy’s beard!”

Surprise sneak attack!!!

The funniest thing that happened right after I took this picture.  Nodding to the parents I said, “can you two kiss each other?”  Sweet sister thought I was talking to her, who immediately grabbed her brothers face and planted a big kiss right on his lips!  The sour look on brother’s face when she pulled away was enough to make me fall over laughing!

The sweetest moment of a joke told and giggled over together!

Mommy’s little buddy


Here’s my little model again, leaning on dad’s shoulder like he does this for a living!

I loved this one of the whole family in front of Gillie Lake with the silo in the background!

I hope this blog gave you all the warm, fall fuzzies!  I am always honored to do Syracuse family photography and I so enjoyed my time with the Ray family!  If you’d like to check out more of my family photography, you can check it out here or come on over to meet my own little family on Instagram here!  Have a question? Email me here!

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