Upstate NY Fall Family Pictures | Ruth & John

Mom, dad, brother and sister sit together at Gillie Lake for their Upstate NY fall family pictures session

I am so glad you stopped by to check out John and Ruth’s Upstate NY fall family pictures blog post!  If you can’t tell already, these four are so adorable together!

It’s always so interesting to me to try to figure out which parent each of their kids look like!

I think their little guy definitely looks like John… as does their little lady but I think that she has Ruth’s nose!

It was cloudy when we started their session but I was thrilled that as our time went on, the sun came out!

Sweet momma and her kiddos!

And what a difference the sunshine made!




I just love watching siblings play together.  It reminds me of how much fun my little boys have together!

When I was with Ruth and John we were chatting about the last time I had done family pictures for them!  I thought it had only been a year ago but it had been two years!  Last time it was only the three of them!  And now… they have their little guy!

Of course we had to do a few of just mom and dad!

This little miss was all smiles!



I think I saved my favorite photo for last!  The sunshine, the orange tree in the background and the smiles on all of their faces!  I’m so glad you stopped by to check out this sweet family’s Upstate NY fall family pictures blog post!  We had so much fun running around Gillie Lake!  Feel free to check out my other work here or shoot me an email with any other questions you may have!

Feel free to share this blog post around but please do not copy pictures or crop watermark out.

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