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High school boy poses by sitting for his senior pictures at Green Lakes State Park

The Lake

Welcome to Axel’s Green Lakes Senior Pictures blog post!  But I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t even need me to tell you that we did his senior pictures at Green Lakes because there really is no other lake in the area that is quite this color!

And let me introduce Axel to you!  He is a senior this year at Bishop Ludden High School in Syracuse!

Axel’s senior pictures session at Green Lakes was a full two hours, which gives seniors the opportunity to do a handful of outfits changes.  It also allows us to be able to use a handful of close by locations during their session as opposed to one or two spots.  As you can see, we did photos in front of the lake as well as near the big stone building that’s there!

I just loved Axel’s ready smile!  It also helped that his whole family and younger siblings were along for the session and they kept teasing him, which in turn, made Axel laugh!

Then we hiked a ways down the path to a spot where the trees really open up and you have a good view of the lake!  It was here that Axel pulled out his lifeguarding shirt and accessories!  These collages are some of my favorite from the whole session!

Of course we had to head back to the beach and get a few beside the lifeguard’s chair!


The third and final location that we went was up closer to the entrance in this field!  I loved that it gave a totally different look and feel to his photos while continuing to provide a relatively neutral background for his photos.


Besides lifeguarding, Axel has also played baseball since he was really young.  I was so glad he brought along his hat, glove, bat, baseball and jersey for some fun pictures!

Towards the end of Axel’s session, I did a short mini session for their whole family!  It was so fun to see them together and interacting!

I loved how their personalities really came out!


Clearly, they have waaaaay too much fun together! 🙂

Of course I had to get some of just mom and dad…

… and this one was completely candid and unplanned!  I just turned around and saw Niko on top of Axel’s shoulders and I just had so snap the photo!

I hope that you enjoyed Axel’s Green Lakes senior pictures blog as well as their mini family session!  If you’d like to see more of my senior or family blogs, check them out at their links!  And if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me here!

Feel free to share this blog post around but please do copy pictures or crop watermark out.

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