Skaneateles Lake Family Photos | Jeff, Virginia, Rachel & Megan

Family of four sit on their dock on Skaneateles Lake during photo session by Syracuse photographer

The Whole Family

I am so excited to share these Skaneateles Lake family photos with you because… I actually grew up on Skaneateles Lake!  My grandma lived not far from Five Mile Point on the East side of the lake and we visited her house at least once a week growing up.  So when Virginia contacted me and asked if I’d do their family photos at their camp on Skaneateles Lake, I jumped at the chance!

I laugh when I look at this first series of photos because I think we nailed the family picture PLUS the dogs and then… well, dogs will be dogs and this little guy just couldn’t keep from kissing his mom!  So cute!

We did attempt to do a second photo with the dogs but this dude wasn’t having any of it.  I mean he wanted to be in the picture and all but he wanted it to be his way and I loved it! So while I know this isn’t a perfect picture, this is real life and I just had to include it in the blog!

Jeff & Virginia

I so enjoyed being able to highlight each person and relationship in this sweet family!  We’ve got to start with Jeff and Virginia… after all this is where their family started!

I just loved the weeping willow tree at the camp next door and wanted to make sure to include it in the background of their pictures!  I suggested that Jeff take Virgina’s hand and walk towards me but “please don’t fall in the lake while you do it!” I’d say they were successful!


Next we did some portraits of Rachel!  Both girls drove up from the Philadelphia area for the weekend and made it to the camp in time to do their portrait session on Friday night!  We had planned to shoot on Saturday evening but the forecast was calling for rain that day so we ended up moving their session to Friday.  We had the perfect diffused lighting for shooting Skaneateles Lake family photos!

Oh my gosh, Rachel’s smile!


I just loved the pictures I got of Rachel and Megan!  It made me miss my own sister who lives states away!  Now I only spent an hour with this sweet family but it seemed to me that these two have a really sweet friendship and it showed in the pictures!

I feel like this one might be my favorite of the “sisters shots”!


There’s one thing that this family has in common… infectious smiles!  And Megan’s is no exception!

Work it girl!

Mom & Girls

Did I mention how much I loved that they all wore white dresses?  I feel like the light colors of their outfits was a perfect pairing for shooting family photos on Skaneateles Lake!

Dad & Girls

I loved how all their silliness came out when they got around dad!

But it wasn’t just the girls that got silly!

Skaneateles Lake

I asked Rachel and Megan if I could use them to test my lighting as we switched shooting locations. I literally did not pose them like this… it was all them!

We couldn’t shoot on Skaneateles Lake without making sure to get it’s beauty in the background!

I feel like this last picture sums up this sweet family so well.  To be able to spend precious quality time with the ones you love, sometimes you have to slow down, get away, and spend some time at the lake.  I hope you enjoyed looking through their blog post as much as I did creating it!  If you’d like to see more family blogs or even engagement or wedding blogs, you can find them at those links or shoot me a message with any  questions you might have!

Feel free to share this blog post around but please do not copy pictures or crop watermark out.

  1. Barbara Nye says:

    Looking for pricing for family pictures while we are vacationing in Skaneateles Lake. We will have our entire family together the week of Jun 19-June 26, and I would like to know your pricing. Do you have packages? Pricing by the hour? We will be staying at a cottage in the area. We range in age from 2-62, we have an autistic 18 year old and a 70 year old aunt (who will be in a few of the pictures). There are 9 of us and 10 with our aunt.

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