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Three little girls run in circles around their mom and dad during family picture session

Friendship Through the Years

Oh my gosh!… I CANNOT wait to share these family pictures with you from Owen Orchards!  And this isn’t just any family… there is one of my closest friends from my childhood and her sweet husband and girls!

Three little girls run in circles around their mom and dad during family picture session

1987 | Born into the Same Church Family

Amanda and I were literally born into the same church family.  Both our parents attended a church in Auburn, NY before we were born and so Amanda and I crawled around in the nursery together, went to Sunday School together and then youth group together!

I just cannot get over the joy I see in Amanda and PJ’s eyes when they look at their little girls!  I just love this photo of all five of them! (I’m probably going to say that more than once in this blog… you’ve been warned!)


Sneak attack the parents!

Little girls play tackle their parents during family picture session

2010 | Praise and Worship Team Members

Amanda and I saw each other at least once a week at church when we were young. But by the time we got to our church’s high school youth group, we started seeing each other at least three times a week!  Some of my first memories of her in youth group was singing together on the praise and worship team and Amanda’s ability to harmonize (something I never quite got the hang of)!  We also went to Baltimore with a team for a week for some training! For a good laugh and to see some throwback photos of Mandz (her nickname) and I, check out my Instastory!

I think back to when we were 13 as I look at these pictures of hers and PJ’s girls and I am just in awe of how fast time flies!

PJ happened to be on call the day of their photo session so we had to stay within 15 minutes of Auburn.  We chose Owen Orchards for their family pictures because it was close but also because it had gorgeous fall color!

These sisters… sigh… melts my heart!!!  The tickle fight resulted in the littlest one toppling over!

Collage of three sisters together tickling each other

2003 | Mozambique, Africa Missions Trip Team Members

And then the year between our junior and senior years of high school, Amanda and a whole slew of other students from the youth group went on a missions trip to Mozambique Africa.

Those hot Sunday afternoons we’d join the women from the local church in Dondo on their “prayer walks”.  The pastor’s wife would lead us as we sang our way from one hut (yes, think your sterotypical mud hut) to another.  Once we got to that home, we’d set our insecurities aside and do our best to join in on their African style of dance.  After much singing and dancing, we’d hear how we could pray for the family in that home and then take some time to actually pray.  Over and over we’d do this until it go to be evening and then we’d head back to where we were staying.  To say Amanda and I shared a life changing experience together would be an understatement!

Three sisters sit together in front of their parents standing in the background during family pictures

While I ended up at a Bible College in Chicago, Amanda’s heart was for missions and she attended a Missions Bible School where she met her husband PJ!

2011 | Bridesmaid in Amanda & PJ’s Wedding

In 2011 I was a bridesmaid in Amanda and PJ’s wedding (again, check out my Instagram Story today!) and not too long after that came their first sweet girl!  I actually photographed her newborn pictures when I first started my photography business and can’t believe she’s almost 7!

Picture collage of girl in an orchard during the family portrait session

Then came their second sweet girl… who I think looks so much like Amanda’s dad!

Portrait collage of girl in an apple orchard

Love those dimples!

And then the littlest!… with ALL her outgoing personality!

Adorable little girl in a red shirt for her portrait session

Don’t you think she looks just like her mom?!  One of my pet peeves is when Andrew’s family say that our boys look just like him and not at all like me but in this case, I really do think that their youngest looks just like Amanda!

These two… where are my heart eyed emoji’s when I need them?!


The girls and their daddy!

And with mommy!

Now – Adults with Our Own Families

Amanda and her husband moved back to the area a few years ago.  Because we attend different churches now, we don’t run into each other on a regular basis which makes me sad.  But we’ve already got a girls coffee date in the works once the holidays are over!

I hope you enjoyed meeting one of my very oldest of friends or at least loved looking at these sweet smiling faces as much as I did!  If you’d like to see more family blogs, check them out here!

Feel free to share this blog post around but please do not screen shot pictures or crop watermark out.



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