Chittenango Falls Engagement Session | Don & Rishaya

Bride to be reaches her hand out to touch groom's cheek and pull him in for a kiss

Welcome to Don & Rishaya’s Chittenango Falls Engagement session blog post!  When I was first talking with Rishaya about where they’d like their engagement session to be she told me all about how she and Don love to hike and how much they appreciate beautiful views.  When I suggested doing their engagement session at Chittenango Falls, she jumped right on it!

Location #1 – The Autumn Tree

With all the rain we’ve been having, Rishaya had been watching the weather forecast for at least a week prior to their session.  As you can see, they had the most perfect, sunny autumn day!

These two, oh my gosh, were complete naturals in front of the camera.  Rishaya told Don that he needed to pull out his inner model and he did just that!

Location #2 – The Falls

After we had done a few “warm up shots”, we got our hiking shoes on and headed down the trail to the foot of Chittenango Falls to continue their engagement session!

With the thundering of the falls behind us and because I shot these next few pictures from so far away, I gave Don and Rishaya a few things to do once they got to the bridge but then told them to “just be cute like you do naturally”!  The shot below is something they came up with on their own and I loved it!

Their beautiful view…

Location #3 – Upstream

From there we hiked back up to the top of the falls and went upstream for a handful more adorable photos!

Location #4 – The Field

As we finished shooting down at the creek, I knew that we were loosing the sunlight fast so we did as my good friend Kerri says and “chased the light” right up to this field!

Don told me that he and Rishaya had talked about what type of engagement ring she wanted but in the end, he decided on something quite different.  This is what he gave her and she loved it!

When I got home from their engagement session at Chittenango Falls and was uploading the photos to my computer, Andrew looked over my shoulder and said, “wow, look at the way he looks at her!  I can tell he really loves her!”

And I couldn’t agree more with Andrew!  We are so excited to be able to celebrate with you two next July at Belhurst Castle!

Thanks so much for checking out Don and Rishaya’s engagement session from Chittenango Falls!  If you’re newly engaged and looking for a wedding photographer, check out our home page or get to know us better here!

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  1. Robin Van Ness says:

    Goddaughter, what a blessing to be able to witness the love and joy the two of you share.
    These photos are beautiful! thank you for sharing them. I am so excited for you and your fiance Don!
    much love, from Logan and I

  2. Sherry Jones says:

    Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos. You two are a gorgeous couple. Best wishes for an equally beautiful life together.

  3. You guys look like you were just meant to be together! Wow cuz, she is just so lovable, and you too. May God bless your journey together and remember to ALWAYS keep God and his word, in your decisions.❤️

    Shirley Rivers
    Austin Texas

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