Green Springs FL Engagement Photos | Charlton & Danielle

Groom and bride to be in white dress walk out on tree limb over Green Springs for their engagement photos by Orlando wedding photographer

Green Springs, FL

You get a front-row seat to Danielle and Charlton’s Green Springs FL engagement photos session! Come along and help me celebrate these two!

I was introduced to Danielle through a mutual friend who gave Danielle my name. As it turns out, Danielle lives about five minutes from me and together we both live only 20 or so minutes from Green Springs in Deltona FL!

When I met Danielle and Charlton in person for the first time, we hit it off immediately and started chatting up a storm!



The first time I ever visited Green Springs, I felt like I had stepped back into another world; a world where dinosaurs roamed and adventure was waiting to be found.

The spring itself is truly green, as its name implies. Charlton informed me that even though it’s diameter isn’t very wide, it has a depth of 70 feet!

I love how adorable these two are together!

Entryway to Green Springs, FL


Out on a Limb

Speaking of adventure, I loved the Green Springs engagement photos I got of Charlton and Danielle sitting at the base of the tree. But when they offered to go out on the limb… AHH those are my FAVORITES!


Their bare feet on the tree limb and Danielle’s white dress give their Green Springs engagement photos an ethereal feel. A huge thumbs up on picking amazing outfits!

We had so much fun getting to know each other that evening! I can’t wait to be able to photograph their wedding in November at the Danville BnB!

I’m so glad you stopped by to celebrate Charlton and Danielle and their dreamy Green Springs engagement photos! If you’d like to see more of my engagement or wedding photography, you can find them at the links provided! Then shoot me an email here to say hi!

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