Disney’s Boardwalk Engagement Photos | Rob & Loren

Bride and groom to be stand in front of Disney's Dolphin Resort at the Boardwalk with the sun peeking through the palm trees and Mickey Ear archway

Walt Disney World Swan & Dolphin Resort

A sunny evening for a Disney’s Boardwalk engagement photos session… what more could Rob and Loren ask for? I am so excited to share their engagement pictures with you!

I was thrilled to photograph at Disney’s Boardwalk not only because of its stunning location but also because it holds a sweet memory for Rob and Loren!

I just loved the sunny glow behind the Swan and Dolphin Resort and these trees! It’s my favorite kind of light for photographing!


I love that Rob can really make Loren laugh!



Disney’s Boardwalk Engagement Photos

In my initial meeting with Loren and Rob, they had mentioned how much they loved going to Disney. Without thinking too hard about it, I suggested doing their engagement photos at Disney’s Boardwalk. You should have seen their faces light up when I suggested it!

Little did I know, but Rob actually proposed to Loren on the Boardwalk!

Rob had asked Loren’s family to hide away in one of the gift shops until he had popped the question. Once Loren said, “yes!”, she was happily surprised that her family was waiting right there to celebrate with them!

I just love the ring that Rob picked out!



I also grew up visiting Disney every couple of years, so having the opportunity to photograph here was just so much fun for me!

Disney Boardwalk Surreys

I couldn’t think of anything more iconic to a boardwalk than surreys! Andrew and I also have countless memories of our trips to the New Jersey shore and the boardwalks there. So when I saw these surreys for rent, I quickly suggested we do a few photos in front of them!

Their laughter makes me so happy!


From Disney’s Movie “Up” | Her Carl, His Ellie

About a week before their Disney’s Boardwalk engagement photos session, Loren texted me to ask what I thought of her ordering themed shirts from their favorite Disney movie “Up”.

I told her I loved the idea and that they should definitely bring them as one of their outfits.

As a side note, we happened to be taking some photos beside a little cart that sold smoothies. One of the ladies who worked there asked if we were doing engagement photos, to which we said we were. About five minutes later she walks out with three pineapple smoothies, a smile on her face and a “congratulations” on her lips! We were so surprised and touched!

As she disappeared back into the cart she mentioned that she had just gotten engaged herself! Kind, caring people are the best!

Disney’s Boardwalk Ice Cream

I had also noticed as we walked around Disney’s Boardwalk that the ice cream shop and the adorable lettering on the side of the wall matched the colors on Rob and Loren’s shirts. I really loved how these last photos came out!




I am so looking forward to their wedding this December at Dragonfly Farms in Palm Bay! We had so much fun that evening for their engagement session!

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Rob and Loren, I can’t wait for December!

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