Cypress Grove Park Engagement Photos | Taylor & Baily

Bride smiles at camera while groom kisses her on the temple in front of Cypress Grove Estate House with spanish moss hanging off the trees

White Fence Area of Cypress Grove Park

Welcome to the Cypress Grove Engagement Photos blog post featuring Taylor and Baily! I’m thrilled to introduce them as one of the newest Team Hawkins Couples!

Taylor and Baily met in middle school and found they had most of their classes together. Their friendship quickly evolved from friendship to something much deeper, and they’ve remained inseparable ever since!

The Estate House at Cypress Grove Park

During a golf trip with Taylor, her dad, and brother, Baily seized the perfect moment to propose. Later that evening, amidst a dinner celebration with their families, they were able to share the exciting news of their engagement.

In November, Taylor and Baily will exchange vows at Dragonfly Farms in Palm Bay, FL! Carrigan, the manager at the venue, recommended that they get in touch with me.

Right from our initial meeting, it was evident that we were the perfect match! Taylor and Baily are incredibly sweet, easygoing, and a lot of fun to work with.

When we talked about their engagement shoot, I suggested a few locations, and they were really excited about the idea of doing it at Cypress Grove.

The beauty of the cypress trees draped in Spanish moss is truly breathtaking, and the Estate House with its charming southern architecture is absolutely stunning! Further down in this post you’ll also see photos in an area that looks and feels SO tropical! Capturing the joy of Taylor and Baily amidst such vibrant sunshine and myriad colors made my Upstate NY heart so happy!

This was my first time photographing engagement photos at Cypress Grove but it will definitely not be my last!

Lakeside Grove

The Spanish Moss here along this winding lakeside path was so whimsical to me!

I’m often asked if I have any tips and tricks in case it’s particularly windy on the day we photograph. I have a handful that I keep in my back pocket but my easiest and favorite one is to make sure that those with long hair stand facing the wind so their hair blows away from their faces! And honestly I love the look and movement it gives their hair!

The Tropical Grove

This particular spot exuded a tropical vibe, with the sunlight filtering through the palm trees and casting a warm glow on the vibrant pink plants in the background!

I truly appreciated Taylor and Baily’s willingness to make the drive all the way from Palm Bay for their Cypress Grove engagement photos!

The warmth and love in this photo!

I just LOVE Taylor’s laughter in this photo!

Also you’ve got to love the engagement ring that Baily picked out for Taylor! He said he did it all on his own! Bravo Baily!

I am so looking forward to photographing Baily and Taylor’s wedding in November at Dragonfly Farms! With such a wonderful couple, I already know it’s going to be an amazing day!

I hope you enjoyed Taylor and Baily’s Cypress Grove engagement photos here on the blog! If you’d like to see more of my engagement or wedding photography, find them at the links here! If you have any questions, shoot me a message here. I’d love to hear from you!

Thank you, Taylor and Baily, for entrusting me with the privilege of capturing one of the biggest moments in your lives! I can’t wait for November!

Feel free to share this blog post around but please do not copy photos or crop watermark out.

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