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Extended family together for vacation pictures in Orlando

Welcome to the Olney’s Orlando family vacation pictures blog! This family decided to all come together for a big vacation in Orlando!

Extended Family Orlando Pictures

Think about it!… what better time to do family pictures than when you’re on vacation? You don’t have to deal with work, school schedules, sports, appointments, doctor’s visits and all the other “regular” things that come along with daily life! Another reason to do family photos while you’re on vacation in Orlando is that you’re more likely to be relaxed on vacation (or at least I am when I go on vacation!)

That certainly is true for an immediate family (think mom, dad and their kids) but how MUCH more true is it when your extended family comes together?!

Grandparents with Grandkids

When I talk about extended family think of grandma and grandpa, their kids who are now married and have kiddos of their own! Everyone knows how hard it is to coordinate everyone’s schedules in an immediate family but it’s nearly impossible when you start including multiple families!

But if you all have put a big trip on the calendar a year or two in advance, saved up so you can enjoy the Disney or Universal theme parks, you might as well also take a couple of hours to do Orlando vacation family pictures while you’re all here together and unencumbered by schedules!

One of the reasons I love extended family sessions so much is because you can get those large family group pictures that are typically only professionally captured at weddings. Not only can you get everyone in a big picture but you can also get family combinations of grandparents and their grandkids…

…adult kids and their spouses, just the grandkids together, etc.

Parents with Grown Kids and Spouses

Don’t forget pictures of just grandma and grandpa (or Mimi and Papa as the case may be!)

“Mini Sessions” of Individual Families for Orlando Vacation Pictures

After we have all those fun combinations, THEN each individual family gets their own mini session!

I was particularly excited to do photos for the Olney family because in 2016, I had the honor of photographing Justin and Michelle’s wedding! I’ve kept up with them a bit on Facebook and knew they’d had a little girl and boy but it was so fun to see them again and meet their kiddos in person!

Do you see how every family here got their own little mini session? I mean, what better way to kill two birds with one stone than to do them when you’re on vacation here in Orlando?

Ok I love every part of capturing Orlando vacation family pictures but one of my very favorite parts is getting pictures of JUST mom and dad together. Yes of course you want to get pictures of the kiddos because they’re adorable and they grow and change so fast. But often mom or dad are the ones behind the camera and they rarely get GOOD photos of just the two of them together anymore. This type of photo session is the perfect time for that!

And if your mother in law happens to join you on vacation, by all means, bring her along for pictures too!

The personality of Ella with her long red hair!… I just love it!

One tip for doing Orlando family vacation pictures… I’d suggest scheduling your session in the first few days of your arrival in Orlando before everyone gets really tired. If you’re doing any of the Disney or Universal theme parks (or even the beach), those make for fun but exhausting days even for adults much less the kids. So do your photos before everyone becomes too tired.

Towards the end of this Orlando vacation family pictures session, I did any combination of family members that was requested!

Maternity Pictures and a Gender Reveal!

One other REALLY fun things I was able to capture was this sweet couple’s gender reveal! They had found out the gender of their baby but hadn’t told their family. So they decided to wait until the photo session to reveal it, just so I could capture everyone’s reactions!

But first!… a few fun bump pictures!

Now I know you get a sneak peek of the gender of the baby before their family here but just watch everyone’s faces when they flip the sign around!…

These are the sweetest reactions!!! I had chatted with Ella on the way to the gender reveal and she said she guessed (and hoped) it would be a girl! And she was right!

I love this, “You can go to Disney without a princess!” Ahhhh such a good idea for an Orlando vacation family pictures gender reveal!

And all those little moments in between those “official” photos!

I hope you’ve enjoyed looking through these Orlando family vacation pictures and feel more convinced that making time to do your family photo session while you’re on vacation in Florida is a good idea! If you’re heading to Central Florida and would like to chat with me about doing a photo session, I’d love to hear from you! Email me here or check out more of my family photography here!

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