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Mom, dad, two brothers and sister get their picture taken by sanford FL family photographer

The Wooded Road in Sanford FL

As a newly transplanted Sanford FL family photographer, I am so excited to share Jesse and Sherri’s family blog post with you this Good Friday! This family is poised, posed and all business…

… at least for the first few photos.

But after the first few, their TRUE personalities came shining through! All business… HA!

I loved that we were able to include not just Jesse and Sherri’s immediate family, but also some extended family members like Jesse’s mom here…

His sister, the aunt…

… and later on Sherri’s mom!

As a mom of two older boys and a younger girl, I just love this one of momma and daughter!

I have NO idea where the family gets their silliness from…

… none whatsoever!

The Grandmas and Grandkids!

Please do not discount Miss A, the little sister. If picked on, she can hold her own, so watch out!

The Kiddos

As a Sanford FL family photographer, I just love capturing brothers and sisters and their friendships!

Miss A really loves her brothers. I especially love the photo on the right!

Miss A – The Little Sister

Spunk, sass and so many freckles (I LOVE her freckles!!!)

Mom & Dad

Sherri and Jesse just celebrated SIXTEEN years married! I love watching these two together. Marriage takes work, no doubt, and every time I look at these two I know it’s worth every ounce.

Sherri, who lived in Florida and I, who lived in Central NY met when we were in middle school and became good friends. Sure, we wrote each other letters back and forth but we took it to a whole new level. As kids in the early 90’s we would mail each other VHS tapes of each other back and forth instead of sending plain old letters! My sister and I were in her and Jesse’s wedding and now that we live not far from Sanford, we’ve really gotten to know each other so much better!

Now in introducing Jesse to someone one day, I introduced him as “my friend’s husband” so they would have some context. Jesse was only slightly “offended” and now I introduce him as my FRIEND and go straight past Sherri to say hi to Jesse first… just to make my point! Haha I love these two!

Aren’t there times when EVERY parent just wants to run away together?! I LOVE this one!

A sunny, palm tree filled yard

After shooting the majority of their photos on that pretty, wooded road in Sanford, FL we jumped on over to a sunny, palm tree filled yard for the remainder of their family photos!

I love this collage of Jesse and his mom.

Mr. S

Ok, here’s the oldest… Mr. S.

Again, absolutely NO personality at all! *wink wink*

Mr. J

And Mr. J, the middle!

The smiles…

… and the smolders, I love them both from S & J!

Brothers Forever

When you try to smolder and be all serious… but just can’t keep a straight face.

Daddy & Daughter

I just love these of Jesse and Miss. A!

So. Much. Fun!

Thank you so much for coming by to check out this Sanford FL family photographer blog post of Sherri and Jesse’s family! They are SO much fun together and I hope scrolling through it made your day! If you’d like to see more of my family work, you can find it on the blog here! Then reach out to me via email with any questions you may have… I’d love to hear from you!

Feel free to share this blog post around but please do not copy images or crop watermark out.

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