Tailwater Lodge Autumn Wedding Pictures | Briana & Jeremy

Bride and groom portraits at Tailwater Lodge's ceremony site by Salmon River with white birch railing and autumn leaves

Bride Getting Ready

Thank you for visiting Briana and Jeremy’s Tailwater Lodge autumn wedding pictures blog post! If you love autumn, the great outdoors and weddings, you’re in the right spot! I’d say that Jeremy and Bri had the quintessential autumn wedding day!

Not sure if you could tell… Briana’s favorite color is purple! ;). She color coordinated all her details perfectly from her engagement ring to her bridal bouquet to her wedding invitation!

Jeremy’s mom Marge actually made the invitations as well as the placecards and so many other things for the wedding!

Briana had booked the Bridal Suite at Tailwater which afforded us more room (and natural light!) for getting ready!

As always, Crystal who owns Hair and There salon did an amazing job with Briana’s updo!

Briana’s wedding dress was designed by Morilee!

Groom Getting Ready

Here are a few of Jeremy’s details! I loved these shots that Andrew got!

Here is Jeremy and his mom Marge!

James Bond socks… James Bond was a small theme that ran alongside the rest of the wedding.

Got to make sure that tie is straight!

The First Look

Jeremy and Briana actually got married last year in a small celebration with family and friends which I also had the honor to photograph. But Briana had a different dress for their wedding this year and Jeremy had never seen it! I love that they still did a First Look!

Bride & Groom Portraits | Tailwater Lodge Birch Railing

Jeremy and Briana had a few favorite spots around Tailwater Lodge’s property and the ceremony site down by the river with the white birch railing was one of them! I loved it too and the light was just AMAZING there!

The Woods

Another one of the bride and groom’s favorite spots was in the woods, along the trail and near the river! Because a lot of the leaves had fallen off the trees, it actually gave us so much more light to shoot with there. As we walked down the trail, I spotted this sapling that was curved over the path. It made for great framing!!

The Salmon River

Fun fact about Jeremy and Briana; they’re both engineers! They live in a log house and if I’m not mistaken, they designed it and had it built themselves! They’ll have to let me know if I’m right on that! :). So I knew that really bringing out Tailwater’s “woodsy feel” was important to them!

Love this shot by Andrew!

Autumn Trees

Can you just see how much Jeremy adores Briana?? I love this photo of them so much!

These gorgeous autumn trees were right near the Tailwater Lodge itself, lining the driveway. I was so glad to be able to capture all of their color for Bri and Jeremy!

Of course the barn door of the Tailwater Lodge was a must!

A few portraits of Bri herself!

Briana’s smile here… just radiant!

And a few photos of just Jeremy!

The Bridal Party

I loved Jeremy and Bri’s bridal party! With the exception of one groomsmen, everyone in their wedding party was family! They were all at Jeremy and Bri’s small wedding celebration last year and so I felt like I already knew everyone. Maybe that’s why it was so much fun!

Just having a blast together!

The Bridesmaids

All of the gorgeous wedding bouquets were arranged by The Floral Gardens in Cicero!

The Groomsmen

One thing, I have to brag on Andrew, one of the groomsmen. While I was shooting family formals, my husband went inside to capture reception details and Andrew, the groomsmen, helped me gather family members for all the photos! SUPER helpful!!!

The Wedding Ceremony | Tailwater Lodge Porch

Their ceremony was held on the “porch” just off the barn at Tailwater Lodge! I loved the arch and the decorations they had around it!

Here comes the bride!

Do they “still do”? They do!

You may kiss the bride, again!

The Reception | Tailwater Lodge Barn

If you follow me at all on Instagram, you know I LOVE my desserts. This spread of cakes, cupcakes, cookies, cannolis and chocolate covered strawberries was made by Jessi Cakes!

I LOVED their wedding cake topper. A couple sitting by a campfire with the mountains in the background… just SO cute with an Adirondack flair!

Introducing Mr. & Mrs.! The party was kept going by Select Receptions DJ!

These two had a dance choreographed and it was EPIC!

The Father Daughter Dance!

Jeremy and his mom had some pretty awesome moves as well!

We snuck away at the end of the night for a few night time shots! This was especially something that Jeremy had requested! Such a great way to end their Tailwater Lodge autumn wedding pictures blog post!

I have loved getting to know you both, Jeremy and Briana, and even Jeremy’s mom Marge! I’m sad all the celebrations are over. Andrew and I had so much fun with you all last weekend! We wish you guys the very best!

And thank YOU for checking out Briana and Jeremy’s Tailwater Lodge autumn wedding pictures blog! If you’d like to see more of our wedding work, check it out here or shoot me an email!

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  1. Caitlin Meyers says:

    LOVED looking through these, made me feel like I was actually there. Congratulations Jeremy and Bri!!

  2. Sherri House says:

    So beautiful, what an honor to be able to witness such love and love of family and tradition. John and Sherri

  3. Bridgette Earle says:

    Beautiful pictures

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