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Photos of a family at the top of McCauley mountain with First Lake in the background in Old Forge NY Adirondacks

I am so blessed to be an Old Forge Adirondack family photographer… to live some place where the views are THIS amazing! I often wish during the cold snowy winters and wet springs of Central NY that I lived somewhere near palm trees and the ocean but then I wouldn’t get opportunities to get pictures like these!

Family of Six

Speaking of palm trees and ocean, this adorable family lives in Florida! Deanna, the mom, is a photographer herself, did a google search on Old Forge photographers and found me through this engagement session blog post! She sent me an email to inquire and let me know what week her family would be on vacation in Old Forge and the Adirondacks and asked if we could set up a family session for them!

Look at how much these guys love their little brother! So cute!

Deanna’s two wishes were, “beautiful fall color and killer views”. I thought, “well I can’t guarantee perfect fall color but it is the end of September so we should have some kind of color!” And the killer views!… well, we got them! More on that in a minute!

Don’t you just love the outfits that Deanna bought the kiddos specifically for this shoot?! They coordinate so well with each other and are perfect for this Old Forge Adirondack family photographer!

Aunt & Uncle

Deanna’s aunt and uncle, Pat and Pete, came with us for the session so they could get some pictures of just them as well as some with Deanna’s family!

They had mentioned that Deanna is much like a daughter to them so these pictures are really special!

Another reason they’re special is because Pat and Pete have a camp on First Lake, which you can see in the picture on the right and the bottom here! They kept saying, “you can see OUR lake from here!”

The Kiddos

Now when I started to think about what makes a “killer view” in Old Forge, really, the best views are from the top of a mountain, I think! But who is going to hike up a mountain with four kids before a photo session? Then I thought of the McCauley Mountain Chairlift! I emailed Deanna and mentioned it but also said that taking four kids up a chairlift would be quite a feat, to proceed at her own risk and if she changed her mind I wouldn’t blame her! :).

She gave it some thought but in the end decided they’d go for it because they had four adults, one for each kid on the chair lift. And the kids did GREAT!

These kiddos being from Florida just loved finding colored leaves on the ground!

I should also mention that as I look at these pictures, I realize that the kids look like they’re very close to the edge of a hill but please know that they are no where near the edge! My lens has great compression that not only makes the background nice and blurry but also makes the background look closer than it is!

The best thing about being a kid is “adventuring” and getting dirty doing it! SO CUTE!

Someone tell this cute kid that if he wants to taste fall, you can find pumpkin in basically EVERYTHING during autumn!

Mom and Dad

Must get pictures of just mom and dad!

Sometimes grabbing candids when no one is paying attention is my favorite! I love how little Miss C grabbed her daddy’s arm!

A different angle of the same view made for some great framing!

There’s just something about your last baby… you savor all the little moments, grab more snuggles than you might have thought to otherwise.

Love from the big sisters!

I’m so glad you swung by to check out this Old Forge Adirondack family photographer blog post! If you’re looking for a photographer for your family photos, shoot me an email here or check out more of my family work here!

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  1. cindi says:

    Hello, I am looking for some head waist up shots and hero images that will have copy overlay. I would like the last photos of me in the evening meditating with the sunset in the background. Also of me holding a picture frame on the dock. I look forward to hearing back from you with prices. Thanks in advance

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