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Syracuse senior photographer captures boy playing guitar in downtown near the Sound Garden

As a Syracuse senior photographer, I always love finding new spots to shoot at and the location we chose for Zach was a place I had never shot before! A handful of years ago, I photographed Chuck and Carrie’s wedding, while Zach played the role of Jr. Groomsmen in his mom’s wedding!

At some point during Chuck and Carrie’s engagement session or wedding day, Carrie told me that she couldn’t wait until I could shoot Zach’s senior pictures. Well faster than she could blink, that day came!

Carrie emailed me and told me how sad she was that Zach was already a senior but in another way, she was so excited because now she could schedule his senior pictures!

When Carrie and Zach arrived for their session, he opened the car door to show me all the things he brought for his session to use as props and to display what he really loves! As you can see already, Zach is an Eagle Scout and a gamer!

He also loves Starbucks coffee… something that we totally have in common!

Chuck and Carrie really love music so I wasn’t surprised to find out that Zach does as well! Not only does he play violin but also guitar. For the location of his session, they requested something that had a cool music feel and suggested The Sound Garden in downtown Syracuse. I’d never been in there but after popping my head into the store the week before Zach’s session to check it out, the owner was totally chill with us shooting some photos both inside and outside the store! So all these photos you see outside are taken right outside at the beginning of The Creekwalk by The MOST, behind The Sound Garden and inside the store!

The graffiti on The Sound Garden’s building was just so cool!… the perfect backdrop for Zach’s photos!

When we went behind the Sound Garden and saw this text “Music Man” on the wall, I knew I had to put Zach in front of it!

I should have asked Zach if he listens to or likes Lindsey Stirling’s music. She is one of Andrew and my favorite artists and has done covers for a handful of games like The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim.

Then we went into the Sound Garden itself to get a few pictures of Zach with his guitar…

…and flipping through the vinyl.

A photo with his mom at my suggestion. Like I said, I met Carrie and her husband Chuck first and that’s how we met! I knew this photo had to make the blog post. 🙂

Zach hopes to study music in college but for now… onto his Senior year of high school! Best of luck to you Zach! I’m so glad I was able to do your senior pictures!

Thanks for coming by Zach’s blog post! If you’d like to see more of my senior work, you can find it here or shoot me an email here!

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