White Hollow Acres Wedding | Dvan & Kerry

Bride walks holding the train of her wedding dress outside in front of tree with white blossoms

Welcome to Dvan and Kerry’s White Hollow Acres wedding blog post! This wedding is one of those “FINALLY!” weddings after they had to postpone it twice due to COVID.

They had originally planned to get married on May 9, 2020 surrounded by their friends and family. What ended up happening instead is that these two held a VERY small vow exchange and got legally married in 2020. Their Plan B was to hold the party later in the fall. As we all know, no restrictions were lifted here in NY in the fall so they postponed again… to May 9, 2021.

So Mother’s Day, May 9, 2021 came around and they were finally able to make it happen!

Kerry’s amazing hair was done by Jessie from the Hairtique Salon in Skaneateles, NY!

Before I go any further, can we just admire how amazing Kerry looked in her stunning wedding dress and jewelry?! That low backed dress was SO flattering on her!

I also loved how Kerry picked different colors of blue green for her bridesmaids! Everyone coordinated so well! Vitality Salon in Horseheads NY did some of the other bridesmaids makeup and hair!

Spring weddings can be SO gorgeous because you may have trees or flowers blossom like Kerry did! I found this one tree on the property and we did all the girl’s pictures in front of it because it was just so perfect!

And here are Dvan and his groomsmen’s monogramed ties! See how they match the bridesmaid’s colors perfectly?! Such great planning!

And here is Dvan, the groom, himself!

The hills surrounding White Hollow Acres wedding venue are just amazing! The sun was in the perfect spot so we could really capture them in the photos!

Here are the four groomsmen and Dvan!

One of Kerry’s requests was to get a picture of their rings on the Bible. She didn’t specify whether she wanted them on the cover or on a page at a certain passage. I chose to put them near Ephesians 5:22-25, one of the most sweet and challenging passages about marriage (in my opinion!).

Rather than see each other before the ceremony, Kerry and Dvan chose to do an “Around the Corner” picture so they could say hi to each other and hold hands without seeing each other! It’s always such a sweet time when a couple decides to do this!

Kerry and Dvan had originally planned to hold their ceremony outside on the patio at White Hollow Acres wedding venue but about a half hour before it began, it started to downpour. With the temperatures in high 40’s it was a great Plan B to hold it inside the heated barn!

One thing that I LOVED about White Hollow Acres wedding venue is that they have a very large glass door that opens and closes much like a garage door does. But the perk is that it lets in TONS of beautiful light (which is key for photography!) and also allows the guests to enjoy the view of the hills.

You may now kiss the bride!

The bridal party were such troopers and were willing to come outside, even though it was freezing! At least we had a covered porch to stay underneath so everyone remained dry!

And then we were able to do more portraits of the bride and groom at the White Hollow Acres wedding venue under that same overhang!

So one of the coolest aspects of Kerry’s dress (IMOH!) was her train! The lace train you see is actually detachable, so when the Maid of Honor went to bustle the dress, she didn’t have to contend with all that extra fabric. Genius!

Poor Kerry, wearing sandals and all was willing to walk out into the muddy, squishy wet grass for a few pictures in the lawn under the umbrella. They were such troopers!

I think this one might be one of my favorites! See how the ridge lines of the hills meet together? That was one thing that they had requested… to get the hills as the background of a few photos! I was happy to make it happen!

See the mud? Like I said, Kerry and Dvan were amazing!

They had some really creative details such as this sign with their name and wedding date on it as well as the seating chart!

The wedding cake! (P.S. The chocolate cupcakes had chocolate chips in them! How do I know that? Mmm… don’t look at the pregnant photographer like that! 😉

The First Dance to the music of From the Ground Up by Dan + Shay. That song gets me every time.

Father Daughter Dance…

And the Mother and Sons dance!

These speeches were hilarious by the Maid of Honor and Best Man! I learned some fun things about Kerry and Dvan that I hadn’t known before!

Cake cutting!

Who says we can’t have fun at the wedding?!

The “Shoe Game”… with colored batons instead! I loved that idea by the DJ Sounds by Shane!

I know Kerry had really wanted a sunset shot but the day was so overcast and rainy there just wasn’t a sunset. What I did promise her though is some kind of epic, dramatic shot at the end of the evening. I was so happy we were able to get this for them… even if it was still raining!

Kerry and Dvan, Andrew and I are SO glad you were finally able to celebrate your marriage with all of your friends and family this year! Thank you for allowing us to be a part of it! We wish you many happy decades together!

And for all the friends and family that came by to check out their blog… thank you! If you’re interested in getting ahold of me for your own wedding, engagement, family or senior session, I’d love to hear from you here!

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