Syracuse Family Photographer | A Grandparent’s Session

Family pictures by Syracuse Photographer on park bench at Hoopes Park Auburn NY

One snowy and dark winter afternoon my mom and I were chatting and she said to me as her resident Syracuse family photographer, “You know what I would love when the weather gets nice?  I would love a photo session of dad and I and our grandboys.  Do you think that’s something we could do?”  Like… “I don’t want pictures of my kids and my parents to keep as sweet memories for generations” said nobody ever!  So as soon the snow FINALLY stopped falling from the sky here in Syracuse, and the trees started to blossom, we planned a day to Hoopes Park in Auburn, NY to do pictures.

Grandparents and grandchild stand in front of pink magnolia tree at Hoopes Park in Auburn NY

Little boy in a plaid blue shirt surrounded by his brother and grandparents

We had so much fun picking outfits together!  I had texted my mom and asked her what she and dad were going to wear, and then I chose the boy’s outfits based on theirs!  Little Monkey here in the picture above tied everybody all together!

Grandma and Grandpa pose for picture with their grandkids in the Spring

One thing I did not think of when we first decided we wanted to have kids is the joy that our kids would bring to mine and Andrew’s parent’s.  The love that they show our little boys just makes my heart melt.

Grandma throws her head back and laughs at grandson for a picture in front of pond at Hoopes Park NY

These next few shots… where is my heart eyed emoji when I need it?  When Grandpa walks through the door and Little Bear sees him you can bank out a loud “BUMPA!!!!!!!!!!” shout and a wild run into Grandpa’s arms.

Grandpa and grandson walk hand in hand along a path at Hoopes Park Auburn NY

Little boy holds his grandpa's hand captured by syracuse family photographer

But anyone who knows my dad knows that his love language is teasing.  And Little Bear gets lots of it!

Grandpa teases grandson with a blossom from a tree branch

But there’s always enough hugs and tickles to go around.

I knew that each of my boys had these adorable “old fashioned” hats and that my dad did as well so I asked mom if she’d bring dad’s for the session!

Collage of grandpa and his grandsons at park bench Hoopes Park Auburn NY

I was so happy that we found a day to do pictures when the blossoms were at their peak!

grandparents walk away from camera with grandsons with white blossoming trees on either side

Baby grandson walks between grandparents holding their hands

Blue eyes, blue jeans and little blue shoes… I just can’t handle it!  😀

Baby grandson walks between grandparents holding their hands

Grandparents sit with their grandboys on their laps at park in Central NY

Grandparents sit with their grandboys on their laps at park in Central NY

I just love this sweet interaction between my mom and Little Bear blowing this dandelion that had gone to seed!

Collage of grandma and grandson blowing dandelions to seed

Little boy looks over grandpa's shoulder captured by syracuse family photographer

Grandpa kisses little boy on the cheek captured by syracuse family photographer

So fun story… Andrew and I got married here at Hoopes Park in Auburn NY and had some photos done in front of these very fountains!  Such a fun place to continue to make memories!

Grandparents stand in front of fountains at Hoopes Park in Auburn NY

Collage of grandparents and grandkids on a park bench at Hoopes Park Auburn NY

Grandpa holds grandson while grandma kisses him by syracuse family photographer

Little boy looks out over pond at Hoopes Park

Grandma and grandpa hold grandson's hands as they walk at Hoopes Park in Auburn NY

If you’ve made it to the end of this blog and all these pictures, I’m honored that you did.  These are some of the most very precious people to me in the whole world.  I think that photography and photos of loved ones are such a gift.  I’ve said this to others before but I don’t think I could ever sell candles, makeup or bags (though they are great and important!) but having pictures of family and friends to preserve memories are priceless.  That’s one huge reason I’m a photographer and in this case, a Syracuse family photographer!  If you’d like to check out more of my work, you can find the most recent blogs here!

Grandparents and grandkids sit with their backs to the camera looking at fountain at Hoopes Park Auburn NY by Syracuse family photographer

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