Roberta & Mike | A Snowy & Sunny Syracuse Engagement Shoot

I had been watching the weather ALL week hoping for the perfect weather for Mike and Roberta’s engagement session.  When the day arrived, I could tell that we were going to have the perfect conditions for a snowy and sunny engagement shoot in Syracuse NY!  Whew, what a relief!  It was a relief because today was the third reschedule for their session!  The first time we scheduled their engagement shoot, the weather was horrible… a mix between pouring rain and wet, wet snowflakes that made seeing 5 feet in front of you virtually impossible.  The second date we scheduled, they had a family emergency the night before.  Even though they hadn’t slept ALL night long, they were still considering driving to Syracuse for their session that day.  To complicate matters, they live 3ish hours from Syracuse! Thankfully she told me what they had been through that night and I told them we’d reschedule.  No need to kill yourself for this!  :). Besides that, I want the whole engagement session experience to be fun and enjoyable… not stressful and exhausting!  SO… when we set a third date, I was praying that the weather would hold and that everything would work out.  And it did… both snowy AND sunny for their Syracuse engagement shoot!


When we moved to our starter home in Camillus NY years ago, the first thing I did was ask Andrew if we could get a puppy. I had been aching for a furry friend… particularly one that was loveable, great with kids and could be a good running buddy for me.  To be honest, we had a deposit down on a puppy before we moved into our house!  So the moment we moved in, I started looking for good places to walk him.  The Erie Canal in Camillus, NY was only a half mile from our house and so that was our spot.  Once a day (at least) we’d get out on the trail and walk along the different sections of the canal.  Not only do I love history and the whole story behind the canal, but as I walked, I realized how perfect it would be for photo sessions!  We don’t live in that house anymore but I STILL bring some of my couples here because it has so many great spots to photograph.  So we started their session at the Canal as Roberta and Mike both loved the idea of having it near water.  The ducks were even out on the canal that day!

bride and groom to be walk along snowy dock at the Erie Canal in Camillus NY

You can’t actually tell that there is water behind Mike and Roberta in this photo because its all iced over but the boat house here makes a great rustic backdrop!

Bride smiles at the camera while groom kisses her ear standing in front of boat shed at the Erie Canal in Camillus NY

Groom to be kisses bride to be on the head while she looks over her shoulder at the ducks on the Erie Canal in Camillus NY

From there, we headed up the road just a few miles to the Camillus Unique Forest Area… another one of my favorite places to shoot!  I’m telling you, the sun on the yellow “wheat grass” was just magical!  It adds so much color to an otherwise wintery field look!

Engaged couple stand face to face framed by a pine tree in the snow with the sun behind them

I have to tell you though, these two were TROOPERS!  Not only did they spend half their day traveling to Syracuse, but they stood out in the 20 degree weather with a wind chill to boot!  I had brought hand warmers for each of us and in the end, we put a pair of hand warmers in Roberta’s boots!  Should have listened to my friend Kayla who suggested toe warmers too!  Next time!…

Close up photo of engaged couple holding hands

The thing about Mike and Roberta is… they actually really LIKE each other and are ACTUALLY in love!  I would give them instructions with something to do for the pictures and as I would tell him, “Good!… that’s perfect guys, I’ve got it!”, and put my camera down, he would pull Roberta into a sweet bear hug and kiss the top of her head.  Just watching them interact I can tell the love and admiration they have for each other!  One of the times Mike did this I caught it and the photo made it into the blog post!  After you get through the whole post see if you can pick out which photo it is and tell me either on Instagram under the photo of Mike and Roberta or in the comments below!

Bride to be wearing a white sweater and turquoise scarf walks with groom to be through snowy field at Camillus Unique Forest Area



I also kept commenting on how much I LOVED Roberta’s long, curly hair and how the sunlight caught it!  She told me to enjoy it while its down as she is thinking of putting it up for their wedding day!

Bride and groom down a snowy path holding hands and pause to share a kiss

Mike told me that the day he bought Roberta’s engagement ring, it was an impulse buy!  He was in the mall and said to his buddy, “Hey, I’m going to stop into this jewelry store quickly”, and next thing he knew, he was walking out the of the store with an engagement ring!

Diamond engagement ring on a branch during a snowy sunny syracuse ny engagement shoot

Bride and groom to be give each other Eskimo kisses during their engagement session

These two had been dating but hadn’t talked much about marriage. So when he proposed, she was SHOCKED but of course, said yes!  I love those stories when the bride is surprised though I imagine it takes a lot of bravery on the groom’s part!

Bride and groom stand in a snowy field with yellow wheat grass

detail shot of bride's ring and red rain boots

And these red boots with her ring!… where is my “heart eyed” emoji when I need it?!

Closeup of bride and groom with hand on hisshoulder

Bride to be looks up at groom

I just loved the expression and laughter in this series!


Groom to be tucks hair behind bride's ear during their romantic engagement shoot

Bride puts her hands on groom's cheek and pulls him in for a sweet kiss

As the sun began to lower, we started wrapping up their snowy, sunny Syracuse engagement shoot!


Engaged couple does the tipsy walk during their engagement shoot

Groom looks at the camera while bride look



I loved the light in all these photos but this particular spot was especially magical!

Engaged couple dip kiss while the sunlight touches the back of their heads

I loved hanging out with Mike and Roberta during their engagement session and getting to know them!  I feel like we’ll be photographing a friend’s wedding because I know them now and it makes me that much more excited for their wedding day at Belhurst Castle at the end of May this year!

Syracuse wedding photographer captures engaged couple in a snowy sunny field with pine trees and tall grass

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