A Welch Allyn Lodge Skaneateles Wedding

Scott & Monica

I couldn't be more excited to share Scott and Monica's wedding pictures blog post from just a few weeks ago!  Their Disney themed wedding and reception held in Skaneateles' Welch Allyn Lodge could not have been more perfect! Let's jump right into the getting ready photos!

Scott wrote Monica the sweetest letter for her to open the morning of the wedding!

Monica and her sister

Each of the bridesmaids chose a different Disney character to represent, indicated by the bows in their hair.  Can you guess which each one is?  Being the Disney fan/kid at heart that I am, I guessed them all right except one!

Mother of the Bride zipping Monica into her wedding dress!

And the father of the bride putting the necklace on Monica that he bought her on their trip to Italy!

The Bridesmaids head to the ceremony!

I wanted to say to Monica all day, "Can you Pa-lease stop being so adorable?!"  Simply stunning!

Here is the handsome groom himself!

As Scott waited for his bride to come down the aisle, the sweet flower girl dropped one petal at a time... and then Scott's reaction to seeing Monica...

The Kiss!

From Fairmount, we headed to downtown Skaneateles to the Patisserie near the Sherwood Inn! The one side of their building was absolutely gorgeous with the creeping vines and pink blossoming tree!  But what made these pictures so fun were Monica and Scott of course!

Their ceremony was held at Holy Family Church in Fairmount!

And there's Andrew, my photo ninja.  I look over and he's standing on the fence getting this great shot on the right!

From Skaneateles, we traveled back to Welch Allyn's Lodge and did a few more fun photos there!

The Full Bridal Party!

Once inside the Lodge, I was so impressed by all of Monica's Disney themed details from the pumpkin carriage, the name cards each representing a different Disney character, the favor boxes, their Mickey shaped flower centerpieces and their "Poco Loco" horderves!  My inner Disney persona was geeking out!

Their introductions into the reception as husband and wife!

The First Dance

And then there were the speeches that had us all laughing!

Mother Son and Father Daughter Dance!

Instead of a cake, Monica and Scott enlisted the help of Glazed and Confused Donuts to make their dessert spread for them!  If you've never had their creatively designed donuts, you're really missing out!

At one point as everyone was finishing up dinner, we realized that a few donuts had started to go missing before Monica and Scott had a chance to cut their donut, so... we hired a few "Donut Guards" . I could not help but capture these guys taking their job so seriously!

And then there was lots of fun dancing!

And as a surprise for everyone at the end, they had a fireworks show!  I feel like I should conclude this blog by saying, "And they lived happily ever after!"

Scott and Monica, it was an honor to be a part of your day!  Thank you for allowing us to come along and capture the fun!  
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