Inlet NY Adirondack Engagement Pictures | Ceira & Matt

Bride smiles at groom to be with the sunshine kissing her blonde hair with fourth lake behind her at Arrowhead Park in Inlet NY

I am so excited to share Matt and Ceira’s Inlet NY Adirondack engagement pictures blog post with you!  As you can already see, these two are completely adorable together!

Fourth Lake, Inlet NY

When I started chatting with Ceira and Matt about their engagement pictures, they mentioned that they love the whole lake and mountains setting.  After giving it some thought, I suggested traveling up to the Old Forge area in the Adirondacks to make sure that we captured that vibe for them!

We had originally planned to ride the McCauley chair lift to the top of the mountain, do the majority of their session up there and then finish up alongside the lake in Old Forge.  As it turns out, the ski center wasn’t letting people off at the top.  Thus enters our perfect, magical, backup location for Matt and Ceira’s Inlet NY Adirondack engagement pictures!

I had even realized as I walked around the lake in Old Forge that there really is no view of the mountains from there.  Not the epic mountain backdrop that these two were looking for.

Arrowhead Park in Inlet NY could not have been more perfect!  It had the lake AND an amazing view of the mountains!  And when Ceira and Matt arrived she said that she liked this SO much better than what we had originally planned!  I was thrilled!

From the autumn colors, to the mountains, the smiles on their faces, to the sunshine, I don’t think I could have dreamed up a more perfect engagement shoot for these two!

Matt and Ceira spend a lot of time in the Adirondacks, hiking and being out on the water.  In fact both of them work the environmental field and Matt in particular is out on the water a lot for his job too!

The Channel

They even told me that in the past, they had brought their boat up through this lake and this channel that connects Fourth and Fifth lake!

Not only were the lake and the mountains amazing, but so was this dock that ran along the channel!  I even loved the boat house on the opposite side of the channel!

Pine Trees

At this point I don’t think you’d be surprised if I told you that Matt and Ceira are getting married at Greek Peak next year!  They love the mountains and the outdoors so much that this venue just seemed natural!

And the glow of the sunshine coming through the trees at Arrowhead Park where we were shooting was just magical!  The perfect spot for Inlet NY Adirondack engagement pictures!


Ceira and Matt met on a school trip to study ecology where they road tripped all the way to Florida, spent a few weeks and then road tripped back.  She recalls seeing him get in the van and thinking, “dangggg! He’s cute!”  The two became friends during that trip and by the time summer rolled around, Matt asked her to be his girlfriend!

Fast forward seven years to March of 2020 when they took a trip to Acadia National Park.  They had been hiking and when they came to a private rocky beach they stopped for a break.  Sitting down, Ceira was looking at all the small rocks, picking up some unique ones and handing Matt the cool ones.  Before she knew it, Matt was down on one knee saying, “I’ve got another kind of rock for you. Will you marry me?”  It was the absolute perfect setting for them!

Aren’t these shirts the cutest?!


I hope you loved looking through Matt and Ceira’s engagement pictures from Inlet NY in the Adirondacks!  I have so enjoyed getting to know Ceira and Matt in all our chatting and time together and truly cannot wait for their wedding day at Greek Peak next year! It’ll be here before you know it guys!

If you’d like to see some of our wedding work, feel free to check it out here or shoot me an email!


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